Reminder: Proper Guidelines for Volunteer Appointments

The following rules are in place to ensure a quick and easy process for appointing volunteers. Violations of these guidelines will only lead to a slower processing time, and therefore a later start date for volunteer service.

This is a reminder of the proper guidelines for appointing volunteers.

  • Volunteer appointments are to last no longer than one calendar year. If you have a volunteer who will be working with the college for 3 years, you must submit a new Volunteer Form every year.
  • New Volunteer Forms MUST include the full SSN for the volunteer.  If you are sending the form digitally, only include the last 4 digits of the SSN. The volunteer or their supervisor MUST call the Human Resources front desk line (ext. 2126) and provide the full SSN verbally.
  • New volunteers require a background check to be completed BEFORE the volunteer starts their service. Because of this, HR will require the paperwork for new volunteers a minimum of TWO WEEKS prior to the start of the appointment.
  • Make sure that all fields are completed on the form. Any missing information requires me to contact you to fill in the blanks when I go to enter the appointment into SUNY HR. These delays cost time and are entirely avoidable by following directions and filling out the Volunteer Forms in their entirety.

I have included the Volunteer Form in the attachments, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact Marc Gummerson.

August 05, 2021