Title: Campus-Wide Construction Updates

Date: July 29, 2021
Summary: Please recall that significant campus improvement projects continue this summer and into the fall semester.

North Campus Utilities

Phase Two of the North Campus Utility Project is in full swing with the majority of the underground utilities replaced. Construction has shifted to restoring pedestrian walks and landscaping since the beginning of July. Significant progress has been made this week with the installation of a 400’ concrete sidewalk from the Albert Brown Building to the entries of Harmon/Dobson Halls. There are many factors at play, but we are hopeful that the “spine” may reopen between the Brown Building and the west end of Harmon/Dobson for move-in. Progress is evaulated weekly and plans are adjusted as to how much of the site can safely be returned to the campus. Similarly, the south and north entries of Harrison Hall will be open to diners with access from Residence Drive.

New Campus Drive Reconstruction

Work is projected to be completed in two phases over two years. Phase-1 of New Campus Drive reconstruction will begin later this summer from Redman Road to Commencement Drive. Phase-2 begins May 2022 and extends from Commencement Drive to the Cooper parking area and drop off loop serving day care. Vehicular detours will be posted as needed.

Regional Sports Complex (Athletic Field)

This project is located directly adjacent to the east of the football stadium and includes the construction of a new synthetic turf field and new accessible press box. The athletic field project will begin this summer with an anticipated completion of fall 2022.

Harmon Gordon Abatement & Flooring

This project includes the abatement of original flooring and installation of new carpet and resilient walking surfaces. The installation of flooring at Harmon Hall is nearly complete with Gordon Hall close behind. Both buildings are expected to be ready for fall occupancy.

Seymour Hall Ballroom Renovation

A revised schedule is pending.

SERC Lighting Upgrade

This project includes the replacement of interior lighting with more efficient LED fixtures, updated lighting controls and replacing various exterior fixtures. Work is scheduled to take place over the next several months.

Upgrade Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection

The campus is upgrading the CO detection systems in various academic and residential buildings. This work will be coordinated with building and academic schedules. It is expected to continue through next summer.

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