Cancer Screening Leave

Legislation enacted in December 2017 (Chapter 465, Laws of 2017) amended the Civil Service Law to entitle employees to take up to four hours of paid leave annually for cancer screening. Previously this benefit covered only screenings for breast cancer and prostate cancer. Section 159-b of the Civil Service Law was amended to entitle State officers and employees to paid leave without charge to leave credits for screening of all cancers.

Employees are entitled to a leave of absence for cancer screening scheduled during their regular work hours. Employees who undergo screenings outside their regular work schedules do so on their own time. Cancer screening includes physical exams, blood work or other laboratory tests for the detection of cancer. The paid leave allowance covers the duration of appointments or procedures, plus travel time, up to four hours. Absence beyond the four-hour cap must be charged to leave credits.

Leave for cancer screening is a maximum of four hours per calendar year, is not cumulative and expires at the close of business on the last day of each calendar year. Employees are not required to have Attendance Rules coverage to utilize this benefit.

Medical documentation stating that the employee’s absence was for the purpose of cancer screening must be submitted to the Benefits and Payroll Office. When completing time records, employees should report time for this allowance as Non-Chargeable and indicate Cancer Screening for the Non-Chargeable Reason.

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