Suffolk CC Course Equivalencies

Brockport General Education

Undergraduate Majors/Programs

Suffolk Courses Brockport Equivalents
ACC 101 Principles Of Accounting I ACC 281 Intro Finan Acc
ACC 102 Principles Of Accounting II ACC 282 Intro Manag Acc
ACC 201 Intermediate Accounting I ACC 385 Intermed Acct I
ACC 202 Intermediate Accounting II ACC 3TR upper division
ACC 210 Cost Accounting ACC 388 Cost Accounting
ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology ANT 201 Survey Of Anthro
ANT 103 Physical Anthropology ANT 120 Human Evolution
ANT 105 Introduction To Archaeology ANT 202 Intro Archeology
ANT 203 Anthropology Of Religion ANT 3TR upper division
ANT 205 Native Americans ANT 301 Native Americans
ASL 101 American Sign Language I ASL 111 Beg Sign Lang I
ASL 105 American Sign Language II ASL 112 Beg Sign Lang II
AST 101 Astronomy Of The Solar System AST 1TR lower division
AST 102 Astronomy Of Stars & Galaxies AST 205 Gen Astron W/Lab
BIO 101 Principles Of Biology BIO 111 Prin Of Biology
BIO 111 Botany BIO 201 Biology I
BIO 130 Anatomy And Physiology I BIO 321 Anat Physiol I
BIO 132 Anatomy And Physiology II BIO 322 Anat Physiol II
BIO 141 Zoology BIO 202 Biology II
BIO 150 Modern Biology I BIO 201 Biology I
BIO 152 Modern Biology II BIO 202 Biology II
BIO 244 General Microbiology BIO 323 Microbiology
BIO 245 Kinesiology PES 325 Kinesiological Bases for Exercise and Sport
BIO 246 Anat & Phys Of Human Movement BIO 221 Surv Ant & Phys
BIO 262 Genetics BIO 302 Genetics
BIO 270 Embryology BIO 3TR upper division
BIO 272 Microbiology BIO 323 Microbiology
BUS 117 BusinessCommunications ENG 3TR upper division
BUS 127 OrganizationalBehavior BUS 366 Org Behavior
BUS 141 FundOf International Bus BUS 345 Intl Bus Envirnt
BUS 201 Cases In Marketing Management BUS 365 Prin Management
CDC 111 Chem Dependency In Amer Society HLS 3TR upper division
CDC 115 Dynamics Of Addiction HLS 3TR upper division
CDC 225 Crim Just System & Chem Depend CRJ 3TR upper division
CDC 235 Counseling Chem Depend Client HLS 3TR upper division
CHE 100 General Chemistry CHM 111 Intro To Chem
CHE 120 Intro To Gen, Organic, & Biochem CHM 260 Chem For Hlth Prof
CHE 133 College Chemistry I CHM 205 College Chem I
CHE 134 College Chemistry II CHM 206 College Chem II
CHE 250 Organic Chemistry I CHM 305 Organic Chem I
CHE 251 Organic Chemistry II CHM 306 Organic Chem II
COM 101 Intro To Human Communication CMC 3TR lower division
COM 102 Interpersonal Communication CMC 273 Interpersnl Comm
COM 105 Public Speaking CMC 201 Public Speaking
COM 107 Small Group Communication CMC 314 Small Group Comm
COM 111 Voice And Diction THE 200 Voice & Diction
COM 121 Oral Interpretation CMC 3TR upper division
COM 133 Freedom Of Speech CMC 3TR lower division
COM 202 Intercultural Communication CMC 418 Intercult Commun
COM 204 Argumentation And Debate CMC 312 Argue & Debate
CRJ 101 Intro To Criminal Justice CRJ 101 Intro To CRJ
CRJ 103 Substantive Criminal Law CRJ 311 Criminal Law
CRJ 105 Policing:Intro Law Enforce CRJ 203 Police Process
CRJ 107 Evidence And Procedural Law CRJ 3TR upper division
CRJ 109 Introduction To Corrections CRJ 207 Corrections
CRJ 201 Human Relations & Crim Just CRJ 3TR upper division
CRJ 205 Intro To Crim Investigations CRJ 3TR upper division
CJR 207 Juvenile Justice CRJ 343 Juvenile Process
DTE 101 Introduction To Nutrtion HLS 311 Nutrition
ECO 111 Macro:The National Economy ECN 202 Prin Of Ec Macro
ECO 112 Micro:Prices & Markets ECN 201 Prin Of Ec Micro
EDU 101 Found Of Early Childhood Educ EDI 1TR lower division
EDU 115 Creative Activities: Art ART 417 Meth Tch Art El
EDU 201 Introduction To Education EDI 430 Ed and Society
EDU 215 Creative Activities: Music MUS 487 Music And Child
ENG 101 Standard Freshman Composition ENG 112 College Comp
ENG 102 Introduction To Literature ENG 1TR lower division
ENG 121 Technical Writing ENG 3TR upper division
ENG 131 CreativeWriting ENG 210 Creative Writing
ENG 201 Adv Expository Writing ENG 300 Advanced Comp
ENG 203 Adv Creative Writing/Fiction ENG 3TR upper division
ENG 204 Adv Creative Writing/ Poetry ENG 3TR upper division
ENG 207 Mass Media CMC 1TR lower division
ENG 209 The Literature Of The Bible ENG 311 Bible As Lit
ENG 211 African-American Literature ENG 235 Intro Afro-Amer Lit
ENG 213 English Literature I ENG 230 British Lit I
ENG 214 English Literature II ENG 231 British Lit II
ENG 215 American Literature I ENG 240 American Lit I
ENG 216 American Literature II ENG 241 American Lit II
ENG 220 Shakespeare ENG 3TR upper division
ESC 101 Introduction To Geology GEL 100 Our Earth
ESC 102 Evolution Of Earth & Life GEL 1TR lower division
ESC 202 Geomorphology GEL 415 Geomorphology
FRE 101 Elementary French I FRN 111 Beg French I
FRE 102 Elementary French II FRN 112 Beg French II
FRE 201 Intermediate French I FRN 211 Inter French I
FRE 202 IntermediateFrench II FRN 212 Inter French II
GEO 101 World Regional Geography BRK 1TR lower division
GEO 102 Culture And The Environment BRK 1TR lower division
GEO 103 Political Geography PLS 1TR lower division
GER 101 Elementary German I GRM 111 Beg German I
GER 102 Elementary German II GRM 112 Beg German Ii
GER 201 Intermediate German I GRM 211 Inter German I
GER 202 Intermediate German II GRM 212 Inter German Ii
HIS 101 Western Civilization I HST 1TR lower division
HIS 102 Western Civilization II HST 1TR lower division
HIS 103 FoundOf American History HST 211 Early America
HIS 104 Modern American History HST 212 Modern America
HIS 201 Intro To Medieval Europe HST 336 Medieval Europe
HSC 101 Health Concepts HLS 3TR upper division
HSC 104 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies HLS 311 upper division
HSC 110 Health Challenges/Ethnic Amer HLS 3TR upper division
HSC 111 Human Sexuality HLS 3TR upper division
HSC 112 Safety, First Aid And CPR HLS 210 First Aid & CPR
HSC 125 Intro To Alcoholism Studies HLS 3TR upper division
HSC 131 Death And Dying HLS 3TR upper division
HSC 151 Sports Med & Athletic Train PES 385 Basic Ath Train
HUM 111 The Holocaust ENG 3TR upper division
HUM 114 Mythology ENL 355 Classical Myth
ITL 101 Elementary Italian I ITA 111 Beg Italian I
ITL 102 Elementary Italian II ITA 112 Beg Italian II
ITL 201 Intermediate Italian I ITA 211 Inter Italian I
ITL 202 IntermediateItalian II ITA 212 Inter Italian Ii
JRN 101 Intro To Journalism JRB 1TR lower division
LAW 101 Introduction To Law CRJ 3TR upper division
LAW 111 Business Law I BUS 375 Business Law I
LAW 212 Business Law II BUS 376 Business Law II
MAR 105 Introduction To Oceanography ESC 201 Bio Oceanography
MAT 103 Statistics I MTH 243 Elem Statistics
MAT 104 Statistics II MTH 1TR lower division
MAT 121 Finite Mathematics MTH 245 Finite Math
MAT 124 Fund Of Precalculus I MTH 1TR lower division
MAT 125 Fund Of Precalculus II MTH 121 College Algebra
MAT 126 Precalculus Mathematics MTH 122 Precalculus Math
MAT 131 CalcFor Non-Science Majors MTH 221 Calc Business I
MAT 141 Calc W/ Analytic Geometry I MTH 201 Calculus I
MAT 142 Calc W/ Analytic Geometry II MTH 202 Calculus II
MAT 203 Calc W/ Analytic Geometry III MTH 203 Calculus III
MAT 204 Differential Equations MTH 255 Ord Diffr Equatn
MAT 205 Discrete Mathematics MTH 281 Discrete Math I
MAT 206 Linear Algebra MTH 324 Linear Algebra
MET 101 Introduction To Weather ESC 211 Intro Met
MET 102 Principles Of World Climate ESC 1TR lower division
MKT 101 Marketing BUS 335 Prin of Markting
MUS 101 Understanding Music MUS 111 Mus In West Civi
MUS 109 Music Fundamentals MUS 105 Intro To Music
MUS 114 Opera MUS 3TR upper division
MUS 141 Twentieth Century Music MUS 3TR upper division
PED 130 Lifetime Fitness PES 225 Group Fitness Activities
PED 132 Adventure Fitness PES 202 Adventure Challenge
PED 133 Social Dance PES 201 Rhythms and Dance
PED 140 Lifeguarding PEP 282 Lifeguard Training
PED 148 Self Defense PES 147 Tae Kwon Do
PED 151 Backpacking PES 227 Outdoor Education Activities
PED 155 Introduction to Swimming PES 114 Beginner Swimming
PED 156 Fitness Swimming PES 114 Beginner Swimming
PED 161 Karate PES 146 Judo
PED 191 Aspects of Coaching PEP 351 Coaching Sports
PED 192 Critical Sports Studies PES 460 Ethics of Sport
PED 201 Methodology of Team Sports PES 228 Team Activities
PED 202 Methodology of Racket Sports PEP 222 Tennis/Badminton
PED 203 Methodology of Lifetime Activities PES 226 Lifetime Activities
PFS 205 Fitness Assessment and Screening PEP 301 Fitness Education for Teachers
PFS 209 Kinesiology PES 326 Kinesiology
PFS 211 Nutrition and Human Performance PES 415 Nutrition in Sport
PFS 212 Injury Prevention & Mgmt PEP 379 Injury Prevention
PHL 101 Issues In Philosophy PHL 101 Intro Philosophy
PHL 104 Critical Thinking PHL 104 Critical Thinkng
PHL 105 Logic PHL 202 Logic
PHL 107 Ethics PHL 102 Intro To Ethics
PHY 101 College Physics I And II PHS 205 Gen Phys I W/Lab
PHY 102 College Physics I And II PHS 210 Gen Phys IIw/Lab
PHY 130 Physics I
PHY 132 Lab
PHS 1TR lower division
PHY 230 Physics II
PHY 232 Lab
PHS 235 Col Phys 1 W/Lab
PHY 245 Physics III
PHY 246 Lab
PHS 240 Col Phys 2 W/Lab
PHY 247 Physics IV PHS 328 Modern Physics
PHY 248 Physics IV Lab PHS 3TR upper division
POA 122 First Aid - CPR HLS 1TR lower division
POA 131 Criminal Law & Procedure CRJ 3TR upper division
POA 155 Community Relations For Police CRJ 3TR upper division
POL 101 Political Thought PLS 1TR lower division
POL 103 State & Local Politics & Govt PLS 318 State & Loc Govt
POL 105 Amer National Politics & Govt PLS 113 Americn Politics
POL 107 World Politics PLS 111 Intrnatl Relatns
PSY 101 Introduction To Psychology PSH 110 Princip Of Psych
PSY 201 Brain And Behavior PSH 1TR lower division
PSY 202 Sports Psychology PSH 3TR upper division
PSY 205 Health Psychology PSH 397 Health Psychology
PSY 210 Developmental Psychology PSH 3TR upper division
PSY 211 Psych Of Adulthood & Aging PSH 3TR upper division
PSY 213 Exceptional Child PSH 486 Psy Disord Child
PSY 214 Child And Adolescent Psych PSH 3TR upper division
PSY 215 Abnormal Psychology PSH 334 Abnormal Psychol
PSY 216 Social Psychology PSH 332 Social Psych
PSY 218 Theories Of Personality PSH 331 Personality
PSY 220 Educational Psychology PSH 3TR upper division
PSY 240 Research Meth in Social Sci PSH 3TR upper division
REC 101 Intro To Recreation Services REL 302 Leis &Indiv &Soc
REC 111 Community Recreation REL 308 Recr Pro & Leadr
RTV 101 Introduction To Broadcasting CMC 242 Fund Of Radio & TV
RTV 111 Radio Production CMC 346 Radio Production
RTV 121 Television Production I CMC 348 TV Production
RTV 125 BroadCast Copy & Script Writing CMC 243 Radio & TV Writing
SOC 101 Introduction To Sociology SOC 100 Intro To Soc
SOC 121 American Dreams SOC 210 Social Problems
SOC 203 Marriage And The Family SOC 361 Sex Marr & Fam
SOC 204 Amer Ethnics: Native & Immigrant SOC 3TR upper division
SOC 205 Criminology CRJ 494 Criminology
SOC 207 Modern American Culture SOC 304 Urban Sociology
SOC 210 Medical Sociology SOC 3TR upper division
SOC 212 Death And Dying SOC 3TR upper division
SOC 215 The Soc Of Gender SOC 3TR upper division
SOC 220 Sociology Of The Aging SOC 465 Soc Of Aging
SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I SPN 111 Beg Spanish I
SPN 102 Elementary Spanish II SPN 112 Beg Spanish II
SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I SPN 211 Inter Spanish I
SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II SPN 212 Inter Spanish II
SPN 220 Spanish Conversation & Comp SPN 322 Spn Con And Comp
THR 101 Understanding Theatre THE 111 Intro Theatre
THR 105 Acting I THE 221 Acting I
THR 115 Stagecraft THE 237 Stgdsgn N/The Sp
THR 116 Lighting Crafts THE 235 Stage Lighting I
THR 117 Costume Crafts THE 244 Costume Const I
THR 205 Acting II THE 3TR upper division

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective