Week 15: October 7, 2022

As we move through Homecoming & Family Weekend, a couple of motivational quotes to start your Friday::

“I never lose. Either I win or learn.” – Nelson Mandela

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

What a fantastic event yesterday as we dedicated the Fannie Barrier Williams Liberal Arts Building! Thanks to Jamie for her leadership and everyone on the team who assisted. It was a true team effort, and a great day for our institution.

And Homecoming rolls on today with many more events, including the Alumni Awards and Hall of Fame dinner tonight where well more than 300 are expected. Saturday is full of fun events as well. Thanks to Betsy, Kelsey, Kevin, Kerry and all for the hard work you are doing to make this a successful weekend.

The gold BPORT letters are posted around campus this weekend. Be sure to get your photo in front of them at some point. They are on the mall today and will be over at the stadium tomorrow.

Kudos to Brad and Darcy for leading us through Tuesday’s Team Day … and to Patrick for scaring us on the last stop in Hartwell!


In other news:

  • The Brockport Foundation (BF) and Brockport Alumni Association (BAA) meet at noon today for their annual joint gathering. Former BF Chair Michael Doyle will be honored for his five-year service as Chair and the two boards will vote on the audit and the spending rate (what students receive in scholarship support) at the meeting.
  • Two representatives of ESL Federal Credit Union were on campus yesterday to meet with the Fannie Barrier Williams Scholars. They had lunch in the Academic Success Center and one was able to stay for the building dedication. Two of the students and program director Jianna Howard will present at the BF and BAA meeting this afternoon.
  • We heard in Cabinet that the Seymour Union Ballroom, which has been going through a major renovation, should be completed in the next couple of months, but audio and technical equipment won’t be available until late in 2023 (because of supply chain issues). I’ll provide updates as we get them. This will have an impact on some of our spring and fall 2023 events.
  • I am travelling with the President to NYC on Oct. 12 and 13 to meet with donors, and then representing the College at the SUNY Oneonta Presidential Inauguration on Oct. 14, so I won’t be in the office those days.


Upcoming events:

  • BPort Homecoming & Family Weekend, Friday and Saturday, 10/7-8


Enjoy the weekend!