Week 11: September 9, 2022

The four-day post-Labor Day work week was packed with meetings and notable events.

  • First off … welcome back to campus Patrick Armstrong!
  • Significant planning continues around the Courage Bowl luncheon (9/29) and game (10/1), Homecoming & Family Weekend (10/6-8), the Fannie Barrier Williams Building dedication (10/6), and travel to California (11/9-11) for alumni events.
  • The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) team meets every other week, with marketing among the many topics discussed.

Last Saturday’s opening football game and use of the new “President’s Suite” went very well. Kudos to Danique and Dan for planning and to BASC for the great food, beverages, and service.

Last Friday also was the initial First Friday of the academic year and a great crowd attended the festivities in the NY Room. The next one is Nov. 4 and is scheduled to be in Alumni House.

After meeting with our insurance company, the House may end up being off line for a portion of this year as repairs are done to fix significant water damage. Check with Betsy if you have the House reserved for anything in the coming months.

In Cabinet on Wednesday, we heard a presentation from OEDI on the Promoting Excellence in Diversity (PED) grant process and the Bias Incident Reporting System. SUNY enrollment fund ideas (due to SUNY by 9/15) were discussed, as were budget requests and approvals. COVID (low case numbers) and Monkeypox (no cases) updates were provided as well. SUNY slightly changed the COVID guidance this week, but it will not have an impact on our faculty and staff.

Upcoming events:

  • 9/11 Memorial (five corners in Brockport) this coming Sunday starting at 8:30 am
  • College Senate, 9/12, 3:35 pm (McCue Auditorium)
  • Robert Marcus Lecture, 9/12, 7:30 pm (McCue Auditorium)
  • A&C Team Day, 9/20
  • Cider & Donuts sponsored by Care & Celebration Committee, 9/22 at 3 pm (Alumni House)


Enjoy your weekend!