Week 8: August 19, 2022

It has been another beautiful Friday, and it looks like a great weekend. Enjoy this last blast of summer as we get ready for the arrival of the majority of our students next week. There’s great energy in the air!!

Monday is our first in-person Division of A&C meeting starting at 11 am. There will be some general announcements and discussions; we’ll talk about this newsletter and what you expect from it; and updates on Campaign, website, branding, college events, Homecoming & Family Weekend, and much more. We’ll then have some fun with a little scavenger hunt, and a relaxing lunch. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

The majority of this week’s President’s Cabinet was taken up by two presentations: John Follaco’s session on internal communications (which we’ll touch on during Monday’s meeting) and Dr. Sara Kelly and Robert Wyant discussing our scholarship program and enrollment. Our freshman numbers are stable (about 1,100), but transfer count continues to go down. And because of COVID and other factors, our continuing student numbers are lower than projected. We will have final student numbers after the third week of classes, which I’ll share at that time.

Friday was the College Leadership Summit. After some opening remarks from President Macpherson, we had reports from Damita Davis on EDI progress on campus; our own John Follaco shared the new plans for internal communications; Dr. Tim Harper from Skidmore College did a great presentation on leadership; and President Macpherson answered several general questions about campus news.

As I mentioned last week, please be sure to have the President’s Opening of School address on your calendars. It will be Tuesday, Aug. 23, at 9:30 am in the Tower Fine Arts Theater. In addition to the usual speakers, this year’s program will highlight some of the faculty and staff award recipients from 2021-22. The address will be followed by a campus “Hot Dog Day” luncheon in Union Square starting at 11:30..

Also next week is the Academic Convocation on Friday, Aug. 26, at 4 pm in SERC. It will be a more relaxed event – no academic regalia – and will be followed by a dessert reception. Alumna Christal Dewberry ’17/’20 will provide some words of advice for our new students.

If you are looking for information around Welcome Week, here is the link to the full schedule. The campus is always in need of more volunteers to help with move-in, too. /life/welcome_week/

See you Monday at 11 am!