Week 6: August 5, 2022

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for the Andriatch family and some of our friends … a great vacation spoiled at the end of last week by a COVID outbreak. I was part of the group of six that tested positive, and I’m still dealing with the after-effects – including the inability to taste any food. But everyone is on the mend, which is the most important thing. I know many of you are dealing with COVID issues with families and friends, too, so stay diligent and safe.

Yesterday brought the announcement that Michael Doyle ’80 has been named the Interim Dean of the School of Business and Management. We are excited to welcome him to this new role, but sad to see him stepping away from his five-plus years of leadership of the Brockport Foundation. Chris Moschovitis ’83 will be an exceptional chair, and we look forward to his first meeting in October.

This week has included a super-successful Hot Dog Day, the start of the Brockport Foundation’s 2021-22 audit by Bowers & Company, as well as conversations led by Dixon Schwabl with key campus constituents as we begin the new branding process for the College. Meetings around firming up Campaign visits in the fall, re-balancing prospect portfolios, Academic Convocation later this month, and Commencement next May mean that the start of the academic year is just around the corner.

The 43rd annual Bob Boozer Golden Eagle Open golf tournament is Monday, Aug. 15. If you are interested in playing and have not yet signed up your foursome, please do so ASAP. BBGEO Registration

Contact Betsy or me if you have any questions.

For those who were not aware, our College Communications team won four Judges’ Citations at the SUNYCUAD Conference in June. Congratulations on the outstanding recognition in these categories:

  1. Excellence in Digital Media – TikTok Content Creator, Darcy Porter
  2. Excellence in Design, logo – Rebranding of SUNY Brockport, Office of College Communications
  3. Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion – QR codes and accessibility on posters & flyers, Office of College Communications, Student Accessibility Services, and Printing Services
  4. Excellence in Marketing, Individual Digital Film, or TV Ad- #Bporttogether, Zach Lyman and Meghan Finnerty

Next week includes meetings on the dedication event for the Fannie Barrier Williams Building and preparation for the Solar Eclipse event in April 2024. If you are not involved with either of these, but would like to be, let me know and I’ll get you on the appropriate planning committee.

August birthdays are coming up for Darcy (8/20) and Garrett (8/30). Enjoy your days!

It’s going to be a warm and muggy August weekend, so stay hydrated!