Week 2: July 8, 2022

I know many members of the team enjoyed a long 4th of July holiday weekend and got to spend some well-deserved time with family and friends. Always remember how important that is! I was lucky enough to play a round of golf with my son, brother, and nephew last Sunday and it was fantastic. Don’t put those opportunities on hold.

It was a four-day but full first week in the new Division of A&C, on all fronts, including here in the VP’s office. Meetings were held with four alumni, including one of the newest members of the Brockport Foundation Board of Directors (Mike Prounis ’77); one who is stepping off the Board this year (Mary Auersperg ’85); the new President of the Brockport Alumni Association (Carla Virgilio Sansalone ’09); and an alumnus visiting from California who will be hosting an event at his home in November (Dennis Thompson ’77). On an interesting note, our newest BAA President is the granddaughter of Andrew Virgilio ’47. They are believed to be the first family members to be BAA Presidents: Andy from 1959 to 1963 and now Carla. The Virgilio name is legendary on campus – Andy taught and held numerous administrative positions at the College, including Dean of Education, and also served politically in the state assembly – and we are thrilled to have Carla serving in this role.

Other key meetings were held with the Director of Multigenerational Engagement, Dr. Jason Dauenhauer, on plans for that program for the year; with the team in Hazen related to COVID plans for the fall; and with VSP Graphic Group related to the new football press box and other Athletic facility upgrades.

Today is the last day of Meghan Finnerty’s short but excellent and impactful run as a key member of the College Communications team. We will miss you Finn, and best of luck back at your alma mater, Arizona State University.

Yesterday was the first day for our new College Events team. Danique Shallow and Dan Lynd are located on the 3rd floor of Allen and are getting acclimated. Stop by and say hello if you haven’t seen them yet. (Danique will be jumping back-and-forth between her BASC office and her new one in Allen through most of this month.)

Enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend. Hoping to go 3-for-3 with these newsletters next week!