CBFRC Summary: September 9, 2022

Present: Lorraine Acker, Eileen Daniel, Peter Dowe, Crystal Hallenbeck, Michael Harrison, Meaghan Irving, Rachael Killion, Susan Lowey, Teresa Major, Karen Riotto – Co-chair and Melissa Wight

Regrets: Cathy Houston-Wilson – Co-chair, Lisa Robusto-Mack and Rongkun Shen

Announcements and Introductions

  • There will be four meetings this semester.
  • The BSG Appropriations Committee Chair will serve as the undergraduate representative.
  • The agenda and meeting materials will be sent via email and will be available in Teams.
  • Members introduced themselves.

Review Charge

Members reviewed the charge. There were no comments or questions at this time.

2021-2022 Campus Based Fee Review Committee Draft Report

Members reviewed the report. The request was made to add high school partnership courses to the 2022-23 follow up items in the report. Ms. Riotto requested all feedback on the report to be submitted by the COB today.

Updates to the Committee

Fall 2022 Broad Based Fee Request Status

  • SUNY voted to not increase tuition and fees for Fall 2022.
  • SUNY is working on a new process for fee increases. The goal is to have the process finalized by November.

Summer 2022 Course Fee Requests

These were discussed during the review of the annual report.

Fall 2022 Course Fee Requests

All fall 2022 course fee requests were approved except for the fees for ART 215 and PBH 312. They were denied as SUNY determined that fee was for routine items that students should purchase for the course.

Spring 2023 Course Fee Requests

The requests are pending and will be submitted today.

Discussion and Planning: Fall 2022 Items

Hardship Waiver

The following discussion points occurred:

  • Add a criteria based on undergraduate or graduate status.
  • Indicate this is for a course required to complete the program.
  • Like requirement to be a SUNY Brockport student.
  • Allocations should be reviewed to determine if there is any relief that the departmental budgets could assist with fees.

Members will continue to discuss and develop the waiver at a future meeting.


Ms. Riotto and Ms. Irving are working with Karen Podsiadly, Deborah Ferris, the BSG President and the BSG Business Manager on an operations manual. Due to the staffing changes and the changes in leadership every year, this will provide a record of process. This will also assist with determining the need for an increase in the BSG fee. This year, students will be voting to continue the fee. Ms. Major will confirm if there also needs to be a vote to increase the fee.

Fee Presentations

Members will continue to develop the fee presentation process as we wait for SUNY guidance. We will be moving the presentations to March 9, 2023. Historically, they have been held the presentations during the last week in February, but we have had conflicts with the K-12 break and presenters that are not able to present. With moving it to March 9, we are aware that spring break starts March 11, so we will not be holding the traditional student fee forum on Friday, March 10. We will have to complete a student consultation piece that will be further developed.

Other Items from the Committee

None at this time.