CBFRC Summary: October 1, 2021

Meeting Summary (October 1, 2021)

Present: Lorraine Acker, Eileen Daniel, Hailey Gardner, Crystal Hallenbeck, Michael Harrison, Rachael Killion, Susan Lowey, Teresa Major, Jason Morris – Co-chair, Karen Riotto – Co-chair, Craig Ross, Rongkun Shen and Melissa Wight

Regrets:  Lorraine Acker, Meaghan Irving and Lisa Robusto-Mack

Announcements and Introductions

  • Ms. Irving was not present to be introduced as a new member.  Introductions will be moved to the next meeting. 
  • Ms. Riotto requested any corrections to the meeting summary to be sent to Ms. Wight and herself.  
  • Members reviewed the spring meeting dates, discussed the meeting time for the spring and determined that some faculty members are awaiting finalized spring schedules.  It was agreed that the meeting time would be reviewed in a couple of weeks.  Until then, Ms. Wight will send out meeting invites to hold the day and time.

2021-22 Follow-Up Items

Spring 2021 Student Fee Presentations:  Alumni Fee Follow-up Questions

Ms. Riotto will reach out Michael Andriatch and Kerry Gotham regarding the feedback that was received after the fee presentation and the concerns that the committee had in relation to the lack of detail regarding what the fee is being used for. This correspondence will be reviewed by Dr. Morris prior to being sent. 

Updates to the Committee

Spring 2022 Broad Based Fee Increase Request

President’s Cabinet reviewed SUNY’s proposal regarding Spring 2022 fee increases and agreed not to accept any requests for fee increases for Spring 2022.  This decision centered around the bad public relations a mid year increase could cause.  Dr. Morris suggested that President Macpherson way want to announce this decision as it may generate some good public relations.  Ms. Riotto will follow-up with Dave Mihalyov to see if it is a possibility to announce this decision to the campus. 

Fall 2021 Items

Fall 2021 Campus Biennial Fee Review

  • Members reviewed the meeting summary from the workgroup that met regarding the planning for the forum. The following discussion points occurred:
    • Members determined that a combination of a survey and the ability to submit a question for a fee manager to respond to would be the best format to receive feedback.
    • Additional ways to advertise to students that were not previously discussed:
      • Email to the student listserv
      • Text message sent out to students
      • Article in the Stylus
    • Members determined it would be live event and each fee can be broken down to individual videos and posted on a webpage.  It was suggested that the link should be a private link so it can not be searched for by someone outside of the college.
    • Need to determine the best way to collect information to reward initiatives.  A possibility is to add a question to the feedback form.  Need to determine how to reward participation in attending.
    • Members decided to add a Q&A portion to the live event.  They could be submitted in Teams and asked by a mediator like the townhalls have been run. 
    • Members determined the event will be held at 9:00am on 11/5/2021. 
    • Dr. Ross will reach out to Athletics, Campus Recreation, Student Health Services and Career Services to notify them about the event.  Ms. Riotto will reach out to Transportation, Alumni and BITS as well.  The call letter will be sent out as soon as it is finalized along with a template for the presentation and the area’s previous presentation for reference.
    • The possibility to integrate a link for the survey at the end of each video. This would eliminate a long survey and breaking it down into individual surveys. 
    • Possibility of answering the identifying questions such as undergraduate/graduate student, online/in-person, etc., in order to get to the survey questions. 

2022 Fee-Based Budget Presentation Call Letter Development

Ms. Hallenbeck and Dr. Morris will meet to update the call letter.  The draft will be presented at the next meeting. 

Other Items from the Committee

The next meeting will be on Teams.