CBFRC Summary: September 17, 2021

Meeting Summary (September 17, 2021)

Present: Lorraine Acker, Eileen Daniel, Hailey Gardner, Crystal Hallenbeck, Michael Harrison, Rachael Killion, Susan Lowey, Teresa Major, Jason Morris, Karen Riotto, Rongkun Shen and Melissa Wight

Regrets:  Lisa Robusto-Mack and Craig Ross

Welcome and Introductions

  • Members went around the room and introduced themselves. 
  • Ms. Riotto announced we are still looking for a graduate student representative.  If any member has a graduate student in mind, please share the student’s name with Ms. Riotto and Mr. Harrison.
  • Members reviewed the meeting format and agreed that meeting in-person was more ideal for this committee pending on room size availability.

Review Charge

  • Members reviewed the committee’s charge.  No updates were made at this time. 

2020-21 Campus Based Fee Review Committee Draft Report

  • Members reviewed the report.  It was requested that all edits be sent to Ms. Riotto by the end of the day.

Updates to the Committee

Fall 2021 Broad Based Fee Request Status

  • Ms. Riotto stated that SUNY did not accept Fall 2021 requests for increases to fees.  
  • SUNY has announced that the possibility of Spring 2022 requests.  This campus decision is currently being discussed by the Vice President Wall and Vice President Wilson for a Cabinet decision. 
  • The guidance for the spring states that a fee increase for Athletics would not be approved.  Of the $42 Fall 2021 fee increase requests, $25 was Athletics. SUNY will be looking at account balances and the Technology Fee has a healthy and would be difficult to justify an increase.  The only fees that could increase would be the Health Fee and Campus Recreation Fee. The deadline to submit to SUNY is around November 19.
  • Members discussed the campus impacts of mid-year fee increases.  They included financial aid budget changes that would need to be manually calculated by financial aid staff members, negative public relation issues and fee table updates.  

2021-22 Course Fee Requests Update

All fees were approved at the requested amount except for the following:

  • Biology Lab Fee for BIO 656 was approved at $23, not $25
  • Counselor Education Theravue Fee for EDC 718 was approved at $70, not $75

Teacher Certification Fee Workgroup Status

It was determined this summer that the workgroup was not needed due to the School of Education, Health and Human Services deciding to no longer charge the fee.  The School also decided that if the course fee was needed in the future that the course fee request would go through the approval process. 

Discussion & Planning: Fall 2021 Items

Fall 2021 Campus Biennial Fee Review per SUNY Policy

Members discussed the Fall 2019 forum and suggestions were made on how to increase attendance for the Fall 2021 forum. The suggestions were:

  • Make the forum a discussion point at the BSG Cabinet meetings.
  • Getting the information to students well ahead of time.
  • Partnering with clubs and res halls to advertise the forum.
  • Work with the social media staff to get the information out.
  • Have a recording to show at the meetings.
  • Have open office hours with the fee managers for students to come and ask questions.
  • Have an email address where questions can be submitted. 

A small group will meet prior to our next meeting to brainstorm the suggestions. The group will be Dr. Morris, Dr. Acker, Ms. Gardner, Ms. Riotto and Ms. Wight. 

2022 Fee-Based Budget Presentation Call Letter Development

The presentations are scheduled for the February 24, 2022 JPBC meeting.

Other Items from the Committee

The meetings will be held on various Fridays from 9 - 10 am.