CBFRC Summary: April 2, 2021

Meeting Summary

April 02, 2021

Present: Lorraine Acker, Eileen Daniel, Crystal Hallenbeck, Michael Harrison, Rachael Killion, Susan Lowey, Teresa Major, Tina Murty, Karen Riotto, Craig Ross, Rongkun Shen, Jamie Spiller and Melissa Wight

Regrets: Kalista Cherry, Peter Dowe and Lisa Robusto-Mack


  • Ms. Riotto stated the meeting with the Provost regarding the concerning course related fee budgets is still in process of being scheduled. 

2021 Broad Based Fee Budget Requests

Members discussed the budget requests. The following discussion points occurred:

  • Clarification was requested regarding if students in online programs are charged the Campus Recreation fee.  It was stated that students are not charged the Campus Recreation fee if they are enrolled in an online program.  
  • Advocate for Hazen to continue receiving a discount on the psychiatric services for another year due to the budget deficit of the campus.
  • The request was made to receive more details of what the funds that were saved from the discounted contract on psychiatric services were used for.
  • Clarification was requested regarding if the Athletics fee is currently the same as it was two years ago.  It was stated that Athletics fee is the same and did not receive the sought increase last year due to SUNY not considering requests for Athletic fees.
  • The statement was made that there are concerns regarding the Athletics fee and that all students have to pay the fee even though they don’t participate in Athletics.  It was stated that the college experience is a wholistic one and Athletics engages with students on all levels from being able to attend Athletic events for free, internships, practical experience and student employment. 
  • The concern was brought up regarding the Alumni fee being an opt-out fee and ethical issues this can create.  This creates additional financial aid costs to students and a majority of the students receive financial aid.  Also, students could be receiving grants and therefore the fee is being paid by taxpayers.  In addition, the non-traditional students who may be taking classes for more than four years would be paying the fee longer than other students.  Lastly, if students are receiving scholarships and have not opted out, they are self-funding their scholarship in a way.  It was felt that the fee should be an opt-in fee.     
  • The concern was also stated that there is a lack of transparency about how the funds for the Alumni fee are allocated.  
  • Members decided that the Alumni fee would be reviewed in the fall to exam the concerns.

Members agreed to vote to endorse the requests as a whole.  Of the present eight voting members, seven voted to endorse the budget requests.  

2021-22 Course Related Fee Request

The Course Fee Managers related to the requests attended the meeting to discuss the reasons for the        requests.  The following questions and answers occurred during the discussion:

ENV 419/519 & ENV 484/584

  • The question was raised regarding the increase in the fee and if the increase would cover expenses that were previously covered by the S&E budget.  It was stated that the increase is to cover the increase in gas prices and the increased amount of trips due to COVID with capacity restrictions.

GEL 450/550

  • The question was raised if there was a curriculum change that caused the request for a fee or were materials covered by the S & E budget that can no longer be covered.  It was stated that there has been a curriculum change to the course and previously required materials were covered by the S & E budget.  

ART 323

  • The question was raised if students will be allowed to keep the materials/tools used with this course.  It was stated that the students will get to keep the materials/tools.  

ART 341

  • The question was raised when we return to the new normal would supplies return to being shared communally.  It was stated that the department will continue to teach the course in the new model because they have found students are completing more work with being able to work from home.
  • The question was raised if the student is allowed to keep the materials that they did not use.  It was stated that students are allowed to keep the materials that they did not use for future use.  
  • The question was raised if the cost of art supplies has gone up.  It was stated that the cost has gone up, but the department is finding ways to reduce costs by purchasing student quality materials.
  • The question was raised if it fair to say that even though the department is adding fees, the cost to students is going down because supplies are being bought in bulk that the students had to individually purchase in the past.  It was stated that this is true.  The bulk purchasing is saving cost on art supplies, gas and time to the students.

EDC 718

  • The question was raised regarding how many students take this course.  It was stated that about 60 students take the course annually.
  • The question was raised regarding when the course is offered. It was stated that it is offered in the fall and spring semesters.
  • The question was raised if the software was replacing the students that chose to be clients.  It was stated that the software is to better prepare the students before they see clients.  The first third of the class will be utilizing the software and once the instructor determines they have shown the basic skills needed, the students are allowed to see clients. 
  • The question was raised if the service fee for the software could increase at anytime.  It was stated that the software is for the length of the course and can not be increased in the middle of a semester.  
  • The question was raised if the department is buying licenses for the students or the product.  It was stated that it is believed that it is a license for the course.  The department has to provide a class roster when they pay for the service each semester.  This is when the instructor and students are given access to the software.
  • The question was raised if multiple licenses could be purchased to save money in case the price increases. It was stated that institutional pricing is available, but the department does not have a high enough number of students to qualify for the pricing.  The department is hesitant to buy a large number of licenses because the software is so new and it is unknown if they are enough customers to sustain them.

Members agreed to vote to endorse the course fee requests.  The seven present voting members voted to endorse the course fees.

Other Items from the Committee

No items at this time.