CBFRC Summary: October 2, 2020

Meeting Summary

October 2, 2020

Present: Priya Banerjee, Eileen Daniel, Alison Dedicke, Peter Dowe, Crystal Hallenbeck, Michael Harrison, Rachael Killion, Teresa Major, Karen Riotto, Craig Ross, Ed Ryan, Rongkun Shen, Jamie Spiller and Melissa Wight

Regrets: Lorraine Acker and Lisa Robusto-Mack

Announcements & Introductions

Ms. Riotto announced the following members as new members to the committee:

  • Kalista Cherry is the new BSG Treasurer and will be serving as the Undergraduate Representative.
  • Lisa Robusto-Mack will be serving as the Brockport Downtown Representative this year.

Review of Fall 2020 Course Fees

Members discussed the process of implementing and maintaining a course fee, as well as the importance of the fees matching the expenses that the department has for the course. It was agreed that Ms. Riotto, Ms. Hallenbeck and Dr. Ross would discuss with the Provost the need to conduct a review on the course fees to ensure the fees that are obtained are appropriate for the expenses they are designated to cover.

Technology Fee and Campus Needs

Members discussed the possibility of reviewing how the technology fee is being used to meet the needs of the campus. This review would cover the fully online students paying the “double technology fee” and how technology needs are being met in the remote learning/working environment. It was decided the members would review the Special Sessions survey that students completed that were in online classes to see if there is a need for this review.

Discussion & Planning: Fall 2020 Items

It was discussed that Ms. Hallenbeck and Dr. Spiller would review and update the 2021 Fee-Based Budget Presentation Call Letter. The letter will be reviewed and approved by members at a future meeting.

Other Items from the Committee

None at this time.