JPBC Minutes: October 22, 2020

Thursday, October 22, 2020
8:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Virtual Meeting via Teams


Voting Members: Sondra Aman, Mike Andriatch, Justine Briggs, Kalista Cherry, James Cordeiro, Frances Dearing, Kandie Gay, Daniel Goebel, Tom Hernandez, Katy Heyning, Cathy Houston-Wilson, Margaret Lane, Jose Maliekal, Dave Mihalyov, Summer Reiner, Craig Ross, Janet Roy, Mark Stacy, Elliot Weininger, Katy Wilson

Non-Voting Members: Denise Copelton: Co-Chair, Crystal Hallenbeck, President Macpherson, Karen Riotto, James Spiller, Jim Wall: Co-Chair, Melissa Wight

Guests: Lorraine Acker, Nathan Bull, Steve Cook, Bob Cushman, Richard Dirmyer, Jennifer Green. Mike Harrison. Darson Rhodes, Kevin Rice


Voting Members: Meaghan Irving, Kathy Peterson


The meeting was called to order at 8:31 a.m.
Review Meeting Minutes from October 01, 2020

Dr. Copelton asked the committee to review the minutes from the October 1, 2020 meeting. Ms. Aman motioned the minutes to be approved, Dr. Weininger seconded the motion and 10 voting members were in favor. Therefore, the minutes were approved.


Goal Group Presentations and Budget Prioritization Requests


Goal Group 2: To be a College engaged with its Community – Mike Andriatch, Vice President for Advancement
(Note: The PowerPoint presentation is available on Blackboard and Teams)


Mr. Andriatch provided a presentation for Goal Group 2. The following questions, answers and discussion points occurred during the presentation:

  • The question was raised regarding the Daily Eagle and if it is emailed to students. It was stated that the Daily Eagle is not automatically sent to students. Students can sign up to receive it, but very few do. This fall a Cabinet Intern is researching better ways to communicate with students. Much of the information in the Daily Eagle is not relevant to students, but something similar may be developed to be sent to students. It may not go out every day, maybe twice a week.
  • The statement was made that the College has done a phenomenal job continuing with outreach to the local and regional community despite COVID-19. It was recognized that it was a collective effort across the College.
  • The question was raised regarding the impact of COVID-19 on giving to the College. It was stated that it is down slightly. The year before giving was around 3.1 million dollars. This year it is just under three million dollars. COVID-19 really impacted the spring giving. There was a scheduled Day of Giving that we moved three times and finally postponed it to October 28. There was an increase in giving to the Emergency Fund as that is where the focus was in the spring. We raised approximately $71,000 for the fund. We received a match of $53,000 from SUNY and the Impact Foundation. These funds continue to assist students. For example, we were able to award $5,000 grants to the students that were impacted by the fire at the Viking Apartments last week. There are two six figure gifts that we are working on right now. There was a pause in the major gifts because the individuals who would normally provide those, were uncertain with the market. It appears things are beginning to turn around.

Goal Group 4: To be a Great College at which to Work – Dave Mihalyov, Vice President for University Relations
(Note: The PowerPoint presentation is available on Blackboard and Teams)


Mr. Mihalyov provided a presentation for Goal Group 4. The following questions, answers and discussion points occurred during the presentation:

  • The question was raised regarding the timeline of the Campus Climate survey and whether outside experts will be contracted to design and implement the survey, as this is the way it was done last time. It was stated that part of the committee’s charge is to determine whether external sources will be contracted or if the survey will be implemented in house. There is a staff member from Institutional Research that serves on the committee as well. It was also stated that the College was able to retain the questions that were used for the last survey, so we could use that survey again. Mr. Mihalyov is meeting with Insight into Diversity that is a publication. They have a tool where they can conduct a campus climate survey and he will be learning more about their tool. In addition, there are resource implications with using external resources and the committee will be reviewing that as well. The committee’s goal is to determine how the survey will be implemented by the end of the fall semester and possibly have the survey conducted in the spring. The committee is discussing whether COVID could impact individual’s answers and the data, so it may be better to wait to conduct the survey in the fall.
  • The question was raised regarding the former President’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (PSDI) and what the current structure is for committees that focus on EDI. It was stated College Senate is following the resolution to create an EDI committee. This year is Ad Hoc and they are developing their charge, but we are still moving forward with our EDI work. We have created a Campus Climate Committee to assist with moving forward with the work. In addition, we are creating an EDI Strategic Planning Committee to work on the creation of the EDI Strategic Plan that will commence in the spring. There are also the Professional Development Committee, Committee of Accessibility, the PRODIG Committee and the Diversity Conference Committee that are continuing on with their work in EDI.
  • The question was raised regarding the development of a new Strategic Plan for the College and how the other strategic plans that are being developed, for example the EDI Strategic Plan, will overlap with the new plan. It was stated that the EDI plan was a plan required by SUNY and it was a five year plan. That plan ends at the end of this academic year. Requests have been sent to SUNY regarding extending the plan, but the College has not received any clarity yet. The College is trying to be proactive in developing a new EDI Strategic Plan, knowing that the other EDI plan is coming to an end. We want to begin
    this work in the spring so that we can commence it, but we also want our new Chief Diversity Officer to be able to add their vision and plan to the EDI Strategic Plan. If the current EDI plan ends before the EDI Strategic Plan can be implemented, we will extend the current EDI plan until we can begin with the EDI Strategic Plan. The Building a Better Brockport is the overarching plan and all strategic plans should feed into this plan. Next year we will begin looking at what the new strategic plan should look like as it will be the final year of the current strategic plan. There is opportunity to start fresh or continue to use the goals we currently have. The development of the new strategic plan will look different then it was last time as JPBC did not exist then. A task force will need to be created from JPBC to move forward with the planning.
  • Clarification was requested regarding the Bravo Awards and how an individual is chosen for the award. It was stated that it was just launched and there are already 33 nominations. Every submission will turn into a Bravo Award. The administrative assistant in the Office of College Communications inputs the information into the developed template and works with the Print Shop to have the award printed. In addition, the supervisor of the individual that was nominated is also informed of the nomination.

Other Items from the Committee:

  • None at this time.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:43 a.m