JPBC Minutes: March 10, 2022

8:30 – 10:30 a.m., Virtual Meeting via Teams


Voting Members
  • Sondra Aman
  • Mike Andriatch
  • Sarah Boroski
  • Justine Briggs
  • James Cordeiro
  • Frances Dearing
  • Linda Delene
  • Hailey Gardner
  • Kandie Gay
  • Daniel Goebel
  • Kristin Hartway
  • Tom Hernandez
  • Cathy Houston-Wilson
  • Jose Maliekal
  • Dave Mihalyov
  • Janet Roy
  • Mark Stacy
  • Elliot Weininger
  • Katy Wilson
Non-Voting Members
  • Crystal Hallenbeck
  • Mike Harrison
  • President Macpherson
  • Jason Morris
  • Darson Rhodes: Co-Chair
  • Kevin Rice
  • Karen Riotto
  • Taneika Thompson
  • Jim Wall: Co-Chair
  • Melissa Wight
  • Monica Brasted
  • Nathan Bull
  • Steve Cook
  • Jennifer Green
  • Scott Haines
  • Rachael Killion
  • Heather Raczkowski


Voting Members
  • Margaret Lane
  • James Spiller

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m.

Approval of the Minutes

Dr. Rhodes asked the committee to review the minutes from the February 24, 2022, meeting. Provost Delene motioned to approve the minutes; Ms. Roy seconded the motion. 17 members voted to approve the minutes. Therefore, the minutes were approved.


Dr. Rhodes made the following announcement:

  • The open call for Investment Fund proposals ends March 28, 2022. Members were asked to remind colleagues of the call and that applications are being sought that directly impact enrollment and retention.

Question & Answer Session for Fee-Based Budget Presentations

None at this time.

Middle States Update

(Note: Presentation is available on Blackboard and Teams)

Ms. Dearing provided the committee with a Middle States update. The following questions, answers and discussion points occurred during the presentation:

  • Confirmation was requested that committee members would be invited to attend a meeting on Sunday, April 3 for the Middle States visit. It was stated that JPBC is one of the groups that will be invited to attend the meeting. In addition, JPBC was submitted as one of the recommended committees for a peer reviewer to meet with. We will not know if this will occur until we are provided the list from the review team.
  • The question was raised if there are any tips on how faculty and staff should prepare for the visit. It was stated that individual should go to the Middle States page off the College’s website and review the areas that they think they may be involved in during the visit. It is important to make ourselves familiar with the self- study document.
  • Appreciation was extended to Ms. Dearing and the Middle States Steering Committee for their hard work in developing the report.

JPBC Nomination Process

Members discussed the nomination process and the request from College Senate for more information on the slate of nominees and if this falls within the Charge. The following discussion points occurred:

  • The College Senate request is to receive the statement of interest or why the individual was nominated as additional information to base their endorsement on.
  • The concern was stated that the interpretation of the Charge is that a list of names would be provided. It does not state that additional information would be provided.
  • It was stated that the request from College Senate states that the Charge does not state that more information cannot be transmitted.
  • It was stated that the committee is an advisory committee to the President and the President drafts the Charge for the committee. An updated charge was provided this year from the President, but this section of the Charge has not been changed from when it was first constructed.
  • The suggestion was made if the committee decides to share the information with College Senate, permission should be sought from the individuals who provided the information. They may have provided the information with the knowledge that it would not be shared and therefore their consent is needed.
  • The suggestion was made that the committee or the President should provide the College Senate with what type of review the Senate Leadership is being invited to participate in. For example, is Senate Leadership expected to reach out to the individuals on the list and invite them to provide commentary regarding their interest in the committee.
  • It was stated that the Charge does not indicate that Senate Leadership could not reach out to the individuals listed on the slate of names.
  • It was stated that the Charge does not state that the College Senate cannot request more information. It is suggested that the request is being brought to the committee for a decision on the request.
  • Dr. Weininger put forward the motion to supply the statement of interest or the reason the individual was nominated that was provided for the slate of nominees pending the approval of those individuals that were nominated; Ms. Aman seconded the motion. The following is the result of the present voting members:
Approve Not Approve Abstain
13 14 0

Other Items from the Committee

President Macpherson provided a brief update on the Strategic Plan status of completion. She also extended her appreciate to the Strategic Plan Steering Committee for all their hard work in developing the new plan. The next step will be for College Senate to review and endorse.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:19 a.m.