Student Employment

Important Student Employment Dates for Academic Year 2023-24

  • Minimum wage for current student employees (work-study and temporary service) is $15 per hour as of 12/21/2023
  • 5/10/24 - Last Day students can work for 23-24 Academic Year

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We advertise on-campus jobs for over 100 University departments and many area employers.

Student Employment assists students in finding jobs - either through Work-Study or Temporary Services. More than 2,300 students find all types of jobs each year, and they collectively earn more than $2.9 million.


Handshake is a database of ALL on-campus, off-campus, internships and full/part-time jobs. To get started:

  • Choose the jobs of interest to you
  • Contact each employer individually - you may be asked to interview, or submit an application and/or resume.


Why is Student Employment Important?

Real-World Experience

Working on campus helps students connect with their peers, faculty, and staff that might be outside of their field of study. Learning how to balance work life with school is a valuable tool that can help you be successful in the classroom and in future jobs. Campus jobs can help students build portfolios and work skills to help them find employment and succeed after graduation.


Most university jobs have built-in flexibility, with the understanding that studies come first. Creating a schedule that allows students to have time to study and participate in sports or extra curriculars is easy with a campus job. Most jobs are also close to or on campus, making transportation simple


I’m a senior and I started working at the ASC fall semester of my junior year. While working at the ASC it has sparked an interest in hopefully working in higher education someday. I have learned many leadership skills that have been useful while finishing up my undergraduate degree and in my future career. It’s a welcoming environment with phenomenal and caring colleagues Nicole Parkison - ASC Office Assistant
Working for Career Services on campus has allowed me to connect with other students that I never thought to meet after the pandemic. I have learned helpful skills that will help me with my future career in a company, with tips on balancing my school/social life. This job has put me in an environment that has helped me to grow and understand real-life experiences outside of the classroom. I enjoy working here and I’m very hopeful for future experiences. Aaliyah Outlaw - Career Services Peer Educator