Conduct Board

The Conduct Board is a group of trained students, faculty and staff who are responsible for hearing cases of students charged for potentially violating SUNY Brockport’s Code of Student Conduct. Each Conduct Board consists of at least three thoroughly trained members drawn from the above referenced pool of faculty, staff and students. Upon review of a case, the board makes a determination as to whether or not a policy violation has occurred and recommends sanctions to the Student Conduct Coordinator. Sanctions range from an Official Warning up to and including Dismissal from the University.

Faculty/Staff Application

Student Application


Every student going through our Student Conduct process has the right to an advisor and/or outside legal counsel to be present at the hearing on behalf of either party. Such counsel may privately consult with and advise the parties during the preceding but may not examine the witnesses or otherwise directly participate on behalf of either party. The names of those serving in this capacity must be reviewed by the student conduct officer within twenty-four hours of the hearing. Advisors are typically trained members of our Conduct Board but do not need to be if the accused student has another faculty or staff member with who s/he would like to consult with during a hearing.

Restorative Justice Practices

This is an alternative approach that promotes individual responsibility and community restoration through mutually beneficial solutions that foster repair, reconciliation and the rebuilding of relationships. This process involves helping students that have been charged with a violation of the Code of Student Conduct to understand the harm they may have caused others and facilitate the development of empathy for those harmed by their behavior(s).

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