Office of Student Conduct

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As an educational process to promote community standards, Student Conduct ensures due process and fundamental fairness to all individuals and organizations involved. We accomplish this by communicating expectations outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, encouraging accountability, self-reflection, emotional & developmental growth, and supporting students experiencing conflict. We strive to build and maintain community partnerships that allow students to have unique educational experiences that promote student success.

Our Outcomes

Participants of our process will:

  • Perceive our process as fair
  • Report a clear understanding of our policies, along with their rights and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate improved behavior by attaining at least one new harm reduction strategy
  • See how their choices can positively and negatively affect the community

Our Commitment

Student Conduct is committed to the following:

  1. Educating the community by distributing and reviewing the Code of Student Conduct
  2. Presenting and training to partners and the community on all aspects of the conduct system
  3. Teaching students and student groups about accountability and respect for the community through a developmental approach
  4. Providing an opportunity for students to develop good decision making skills and civility
  5. Protecting the rights of students and the community by conducting all business in the conduct system in accordance with appropriate state and federal laws, as well as requirements for due process protections.

Important COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

  • Amnesty Statement
  • Guest Policy Statement