Contact your roommate and suitemates before you get here! Compare notes on who’s bringing what to avoid extra belongings. It is important to remember you will be limited to the amount of space in your room. No storage is available.

What is Provided in Residence Halls:

  • A desk, desk chair, dresser per person
  • A bed frame and mattress per person
  • A wastebasket and a recycling bin per room
  • Venetian blinds on all windows
  • Free laundry machines are available for use in each residence hall (open 24 hours)
  • 24-hour On-Call Emergency Response by University Police and Residential Life Staff
  • AED machines are located throughout each residence hall (all Res Life staff are trained)

What Should I Bring?

inside of a microfridge with groceries

Rent a MicroFridge

Avoid the expense and hassle of purchasing, transporting, and storing a fridge and microwave of your own.

Easily rent a MicroFridge and it will be delivered to your room before you move in.

  • If you choose not to rent a MicroFridge,  you can bring your own refrigerator (5 cubic ft. or smaller) & 700 watt or less microwave.
  • Bedding, such as:
    • Sheets (twin extra long)
    • Blankets, comforter, mattress cover, pillows and pillow cases
  • Towels, washcloths, toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotions, hairdryer, medications, first aid kit, etc). Often students prefer to wear flip-flops and bathrobe to and from bathroom.
  • Seasonal items (umbrella, boots, winter clothes, etc)
  • A throw rug
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry hamper/basket, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, iron / small ironing board (Laundry machines are free and located throughout each residence hall. Laundry machines are also located in each Townhome unit)
  • School/Desk supplies (planner/calendar, bookbag, scissors, notebooks, stapler, highlighters, pens, pencils, tape, ruler, paper, envelopes, stamps, markers, post-it notes, index cards, rubber bands, dictionary, etc)
  • Crates, bins, or containers for storage
  • Poster tack or carpenter’s tack to hang posters (no tape or nails allowed)
  • Dishes, cups, bowls, silverware, dish soap, etc
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Sports equipment (equipment/bikes must be stored in rooms)
  • Electrical appliances
    • Alarm clock
    • Computer. All residence halls have wireless access.
    • Surge Protector Strips (extension cords are NOT allowed)
    • Desk lamp
    • Fan, vaporizer, humidifier
    • Can opener
    • UL-approved self-contained appliances: hotpot and coffee maker

Items NOT To Bring

  • Any type of cooking appliances including:
    • Toaster ovens
    • Hot plates
    • George Foreman grills
    • Sandwich makers of any kind
    • AirFryer’s
  • Air conditioners or space heaters of any kind
  • Rope and tube type lights
  • Electronic skateboards, including self-balancing boards/scooters, and any other similar equipment are prohibited from being used, stored and/or charged in any on-campus housing facility due to a potential fire hazard.
  • Lava lamps, halogen lamps, 5-light portable incandescent floor lamps that have five flexible goosenecks with multi-colored shades
  • Lofts of any kind (unless already provided by The University)
  • Candles and incense
  • Any type of subwoofer or loud speakers
  • Alcohol and drugs - ALL first-year Residence halls are substance-free regardless of age
  • Pets - only fish kept in a bowl are permitted