I. Two Year Residency Requirement

It is the policy of the University that all first-time students reside on campus during their first four (4) consecutive semesters of study (three (3) semesters for spring admits). First time students are those who are attending a college or university for the first time. College credits earned while in high school, via college courses or testing is not considered as college attendance, nor is enrollment in a college summer session between high school and enrollment at Brockport.

Exemption from the Second Year Residency Requirement may be granted to students who are: married, parents, veterans, 21 years of age or older, or commuting from the home of a parent or immediate family member. Students seeking exemption from the policy must submit the Application for Exemption from Second Year Residency Requirement, including necessary documentation, to the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities for review and approval by the Director of Residence Life/Learning Communities or their designee.

The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities encourages students to meet with Financial Aid representatives to see how living off-campus could potentially impact any financial aid/scholarships that are awarded.


Release from this agreement is permitted only under specific and/or exceptional circumstances approved by the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities:

Justification Required Documentation
Commuting from home of parent(s) or legal guardian within 30 mile radius of campus Notarized Verification of Residence with Parent or Guardian signature (form provided by Residential Life/Learning Communities)
Veteran Status/Military Deployment Copy of DD 214 form/ Deployment Orders

Written description of medical condition that includes negative impact of residential environment and description of proposed alternative. The Hazen Center for Integrated Care or Student Accessibility Services may be contacted to verify diagnosed medical condition, the impact of the residential environment and feasibility of addressing student concerns. The documentation must completed by a licensed health care professional (i.e. physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker) who has treated the student.
The documentation must include:

  1. The diagnosis.
  2. Current treatment.
  3. Length of treatment of condition by the physician providing the letter.
  4. Anticipated benefit of requested accommodations.

If the request is related to respiratory, please also include:

  • Copies of at least the 3 most recent office or emergency room visits related to the Respiratory condition problem.

Recent test results, including but not limited to:

  • Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Allergy tests
  • Radiological studies

Medical releases are rarely granted.

The University will make all efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to meet student medical needs.


Before applying for a dietary exemption, students must read and understand BASC’s special dietary needs section of their website.

Once that page is reviewed, students will also need to review their section on meal plan accommodations. This link may be found at the bottom of the page regarding special dietary needs.


A committee consisting of representatives from the following areas: BASC Dining Services, Hazen Center for Integrated Care, Residential Life & Learning Communities, and Student Accessibility Services will review each meal plan accommodation request. Given the ability to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs, an exemption from participation in the meal plan is rare and will only be considered when needs cannot be met by Dining Services.


Note: general dissatisfaction will not be reason for approval.

Financial You must provide 3rd party documentation that a legitimate financial change has occurred since you moved in. An example of 3rdparty documentation would be a letter from an employer (on business letterhead) stating a loss of a job, parent divorce which changed family income, etc.

Financial reasons may be reviewed in conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid

Note: The ability to save money by living off-campus is not a justification for exemption.
Temporary Academic Leave/ Transfer/Withdrawal
Completing the Temporary Academic Leave request.
Student involvement in a University‑sponsored academic program such as student teaching, study abroad, or other program, if the obligations demand residency 30 miles or more from campus Written (an email) verification from student’s advisor and acceptance letter into the program.

Note: Unless you receive approval of this request, your student status requires compliance with the housing policy. Alternative arrangements for housing, including a lease commitment, will not be considered sufficient reason for approval of this request. Second year release applications will be available from February 1st 2022 and will close on April 1st 2022. The only applications that will be reviewed after April 1 are: Approved Temporary Academic Leave OR Transfer and Student involvement in a University‑sponsored academic program such as student teaching, study abroad, or other program, if the obligations demand residency 30 miles or more from campus

Appeals: If your original request is denied, you have an option to appeal the decision. All appeals must be in writing to housing@brockport.edu and submitted within 7 business days of the decision letter. If you plan on appealing your decision, new documentation must be submitted with the appeal letter. This will be complied with your initial paperwork. All appeals will be reviewed by the Director of Residential Life/Learning Communities or their designee.


For more information please visit our two year residency requirement webpage