G. Occupancy Charges – Payments and Refund(s)

  1. All students must pay a non-refundable Advance Housing Deposit, to secure housing in an on-campus housing facility. Payment of the deposit and submission of the online housing preference form does not guarantee a housing placement. Housing assignments are made on a space-available basis. Students with financial needs, may email housing@brockport.edu to request a housing waiver. To be eligible to apply for a waiver, students must not have any financial holds on their account.
  2. The occupancy charge for each semester or summer session, must be paid in full to the Office of Student Accounts when the tuition bill for that semester or summer session is due and is subject to the same terms and conditions as the tuition bill.
  3. Once a licensee accepts keys or occupies an on-campus housing facility, even for a day or any part of a day or stores property there, that student licensee is liable for payment for that entire academic year or summer session.
  4. Students who vacate their residence at any time prior to the occupancy expiration date specified in their Application for a License to Occupy an On-Campus Housing Facility, may not be eligible for a refund of or pro rata portion of the full occupancy charge. This is based on the per-semester refund policy.
  5. Please visit our Residential Life Policies web page for an updated, per-semester refund schedule.

H. Termination of Occupancy; Expiration or Revocation of License; Abandoned Personal Property

  1. A licensee who wishes to vacate their residence prior to their occupancy expiration date must have express written approval from the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities. Releases from the Housing Agreement are governed by the Policy on Releases from the Housing Agreement.
  2. A student’s On Campus Housing License expires on their occupancy expiration date specified in their Application for a License to Occupy an On-Campus Housing Facility. A student whose license has expired must vacate their assigned residence within 24 hours after their last final examination unless prior arrangements have been made with their Resident Director or Townhomes Coordinator.
  3. Dismissal or any other separation from the University shall automatically revoke a student’s On Campus Housing License and that student must vacate their residence within 24 hours of such dismissal or separation. If a student cannot vacate within 24 hours, because of extenuating circumstances, the student may seek an extension by making a written request to the Resident Director or Student Townhomes Coordinator. It is the sole responsibility of the student to remove all of their personal belongings from their residence. If the University removes any remaining belongings, those associated costs will be charged to the student’s bill.
  4. Students who are academically dismissed from the University have 15 days from the notification from the Vice Provost’s Office, or the first day of classes, whichever is sooner, to formally check out and remove all of their belongings from their residence. Students must properly check out with either their Resident Director or Student Townhomes Coordinator. Failure to do so may result in additional charges. Students who have not vacated after this period of time may be referred to University Police.
  5. The University may revoke a student’s On Campus Housing License for reasons including but not limited to the health, safety, and welfare of the licensee, student(s), persons or property; and/or the violation by the licensee of the rights of others. In all such cases, the University will notify the licensee and, upon 24 hours of the notification will take possession of the licensee’s residence. The University may place the licensee’s personal property in storage and/or move it to an appropriate location. The University assumes no responsibility for said property. Failure to vacate the residence after 24 hour notice may subject the licensee to arrest.
  6. The University may relocate a licensee to another on-campus housing facility for reasons including but not limited to: convenience; the health, safety, or welfare of the licensee, other student(s), persons or property; and/or the violation by the licensee of the rights of others.
  7. In all cases under subsections 1 through 6, of this Section H, any of a former licensee’s property remaining on the premises after the time prescribed (over 30 days) for vacating of said on-campus housing location be deemed to have been abandoned. Any property removal costs incurred by the University will be charged to such former student licensee’s bill. SUNY Brockport shall not be responsible for loss of, or damage to, personal property even if it is abandoned.
  8. Improper check-out could result in additional charges (cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc.). Licensees who are dismissed or suspended, or withdraw must remove all personal property from their residence and follow proper check out procedures by the stated deadline. The former licensee is liable for pro-rated room charges for the period of time their property remains in the residence.