A. General Conditions of Occupancy

The On-Campus Housing License is binding for the entire Academic Year. Only students enrolled as full-time undergraduate students, or participants in an approved residential program at SUNY Brockport (i.e. IIE, ELS, etc.) may occupy on-campus housing space. The student agrees to enroll and remain enrolled for full-time academic credit each semester. Full-time is defined as maintaining at least 12 credit hours per semester (6 credits for Graduate students). Failure to do so may result in the termination or suspension of this license. It is at the discretion of the Director of Residential Life/Learning Communities (or designee) to allow students who do not meet the required full-time enrollment status to remain in residence. The student’s disciplinary and conduct history will also be used in this determination. Students must be registered for full-time status by the end of the add/drop period (please refer to the University’s Academic Calendar, for specific dates). During this period, students who are not registered for classes are required to adhere to the Code of Student Conduct. Students who are in violation of the Code of Student Conduct, may be asked to leave on-campus housing temporarily, while they are working on getting registered. This determination is at the discretion of the Director of Residential Life/Learning Communities (or designee) along with the Director of Student Conduct (or designee). Students who do not meet the required full-time enrollment status and who are removed or released from their license may receive a refund of housing charges for that semester (if eligible) made in accordance with the housing refund schedule. Students who are not registered for classes after this period of time may be referred to Student Conduct or University Police.

  1. This license sets forth the terms and conditions of University Residence Halls and Student Townhomes occupancy and the rights and duties of the parties involved incident to the formation, execution, maintenance, and termination of a licensee to occupy an on-campus housing facility of the University. None of the terms, conditions, rights, and duties set forth herein can be assigned or delegated by the licensee without the prior specific written approval of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs or designee. This license is valid and binding only while the student licensee is in good standing at SUNY Brockport.
  2. Any student who fails to occupy their assigned room/suite/townhome on the day upon which classes are officially scheduled to begin in any semester or summer session, as the case may be, shall forfeit their assignment to that particular room/suite/townhome, unless a written request for a delay in occupancy was submitted to and approved by the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities.
  3. Any change of occupancy must have the prior specific written approval of the Resident Director or Student Townhomes Coordinator in charge of the Residence Hall or Student Townhomes to which the student(s) is officially assigned.
  4. On-campus housing is to be used only as living quarters in accordance with applicable rules and regulations of the State of New York, the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, the State University of New York and SUNY Brockport. Unauthorized guests are not permitted at any time. Information about current Residential Life/Learning Communities rules and regulations may be obtained from the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities.
  5. Students shall not assign or sublet their room/suite or any portion of the premises thereof. Subletting includes short-term or temporary rental arrangements including, but not limited to, those offered through peer-to-peer accommodation services such as Airbnb, Craigslist, or Couchsurfing. Assigning or subletting may result in discipline and/or license revocation without refund.
  6. The University reserves the right to: change the intended occupancy of an on-campus housing facility at any time to ensure the maximum utilization of the facility; relocate students within the on-campus housing system at its discretion for programmatic, financial, or disciplinary reasons; and/or re-assign students when intended occupancy is 50% or less. Single rooms may be obtained each semester on a space-available basis.
  7. In the instance of an on campus housing reassignment, the student(s) remaining in the residence agree(s) to accept and accommodate the new occupant(s). Any attempt to intimidate or discourage a newly-assigned student is prohibited.
  8. Upon reasonable notice, residents may be required to vacate on-campus housing facilities on a temporary or permanent basis in accordance with state, county or University mandates and requirements. In the event that Residential Life/Learning Communities terminates housing due to public health concerns for the remainder of the semester, the University will offer reimbursements according to their refund schedule. Please see Section G for more information regarding occupancy charges, payments and refund(s)
  9. Any student licensee unable to adhere to the requirements of The Living Learning Communities (LLCs), or any other special living option, will be reassigned.
  10. Guest Procedure: For the most updated on-campus housing guest procedure.
  11. Residence Hall and Student Townhome Opening and Closing:
  12. University Breaks as reflected in the Academic Calendar
    • A licensee’s right to remain in on-campus housing over any University break (Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring) may be revoked if:
      • The licensee does not follow the directions of a University Official.
      • The licensee has a documented lack of academic progress in their courses.
      • The licensee has a conduct history that is not conducive to the University community.
      • The licensee has violated the Code of Student Conduct and/or The On-Campus Housing License