Types of Programs


  • Pass by tables that can occur anywhere on campus to compliment a larger event or stand alone. B.I.R.D.s work to engage participants in a brief conversation regarding the various topics. A full list of topics and B.I.R.D. Tables can be found on our myBrockport page.


  • These workshops are intended to be stand alone events. They are designed to engage a group of up to 30 students in an educational conversation regarding various. For a full list of topics and programs, visit our myBrockport page.


  • These programs are open for the campus community to participate in. If you are interested in learning about upcoming campus wide events or volunteering at one, contact Matthew Hall.

How to Request a Program

  1. Fill out our B.I.R.D. (tabling events) or Program Request Forms on myBrockport
  2. We have two pages on myBrockport:
    • Prevention & Outreach Services for General Health and Alcohol and Other Drug programming
    • The Center for Select Respect for programs related to Sexual Health, the Prevention of Relationship Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking, as well as, Women’s Empowerment & LGBTQIA+ Education
  3. Forms should be submitted 2 weeks prior to the requested program date

If you are interested in co-hosting a program with Prevention & Outreach Services or The Center for Select Respect on any of the various topics we work with, but does not match the format of our B.I.R.D.s or 60-Minute Programs, please contact Matthew Hall. The office is more than willing to collaborate with you to make your program how you want it!


Please contact our our Graduate Assistants with any questions about scheduling a program:

If you have not heard back from a graduate assistant within 48 hours, please feel free to contact:

Mathew Hall
Prevention & Outreach Services | Center for Select Respect