Meet the CHECK

  • Relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking can affect anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, or socioeconomic status.
  • Sexual misconduct describes a continuum of behavior from unwanted touching to sexual assault and rape.

Know the Check

  • 75 percent of assaults involve drugs and/or alcohol
  • One in three women are assaulted before age 18
  • One in five men are assaulted before age 18

Be the Check


To EagleCHECK situations related to relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking, use any of the 3 D’s (direct, delegate, distract) to intervene!

You can:

  • Avoid using objectifying or degrading language, and speak out when someone else uses offensive language.
  • Draw attention to a situation which looks like it may lead to sexual assault and assess a safe way to intervene.
  • Show your friends you care. If your friend is in a situation where they may be too intoxicated to make a responsible decision, step in and voice your concerns. Help create a culture that supports victims and survivors of sexual assault.
  • Hold each other accountable for creating a safe campus where our members respect themselves, others, and the community.