Health Promotion & Prevention Education

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Order FREE Safer Sex Supplies

Looking for safer-sex supplies, including latex-free items? Order supplies from us, and we will discretely bag them up, and then we’ll send you a text when they’re ready for pickup at the Condom Corner in Dailey Hall 103.


Order FREE Menstrual Products

We know that more than 33% of our students experience period poverty, and choosing between menstrual products and other essentials should not be a choice anyone needs to make. Order tampons, pads, and/or menstrual cups any time you’re in need!

Students at Homecoming.


An EagleCHECK is an intentional decision that an individual or group makes to intervene in a situation that has the potential to be risky, dangerous, harmful, hurtful, unhealthy or an emergency.

Party Smart

Party Smart exists to educate students about how drugs and alcohol can pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of the members of our community.