First-Year Living Learning Communities

The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities offers 14 distinct learning communities for first year students in which to learn, grow, and explore their own path at Brockport.

Pride House

The Pride House LLC is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ populations and their allies. Programming will be centered around cultural awareness, identity development, inclusive health education, and creating a safe space for members of the LLC to express their true selves. The Pride House LLC will strongly be linked to Brockport’s Gender Inclusive Housing accommodations.

Brockport Global Village

The Global Village LLC is for first year students that have an interest in international affairs, current events, study abroad opportunities and learning more about other cultures. The community will focus on cultural exploration through food, language, field trips, and faculty interaction.

Creative Artists

The Creative Artists LLC is for first year students that have majors in the arts, Humanities and Social Sciences or have an interest in the arts. Students will be encouraged to develop their chosen medium of art through workshops, field trips, in hall displays and exploratory activities.

Future Health Professionals

The Future Health Professionals LLC gives aspiring health professionals a chance to get to know other students and network with Faculty, Staff and Alumni currently working in a health profession. This first year LLC will focus on community service and academic opportunities to help explore and become more immersed in their chosen field of study.

Green House

The Green House LLC is designed for first year students with an interest in environmental initiatives, sustainability and making a difference locally and globally. In a residence hall atmosphere that is focused on achievement and success, you will have frequent interactions with faculty and staff. This LLC will participate in community service opportunities, take fieldtrips to sustainable facilities in the area and advance sustainability initiatives on campus.

Leadership & Community Service

The Leadership & Community Service LLC is for first year students that have a variety of majors, and are interested in being involved in The Leadership Development Program. Students in this LLC may be interested in pursuing leadership positions on campus, want to learn more about becoming a leader and would like to get involved in community service projects.

Recreation & Fitness

The Recreation & Fitness LLC is a community of first year students who may be outdoor enthusiasts, students who like to live a healthy life style, and who enjoy fitness and being active. Students in this LLC will interact with Faculty within The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, as well as other Departments. This LLC is not focused only on athletes, but students who enjoy adventure courses and Challenge by Choice activities.

Teachers of Tomorrow

The Teachers of Tomorrow LLC is for first year students that plan to apply for any teacher certification program. This LLC will focus on developing an understanding of applying for teacher certification programs, resume building, developing students’ teaching abilities and current events in education. Students will have frequent interactions with faculty and staff, as well as opportunities to share experiences with other education majors. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice your teaching skills in the community and with fellow residents by planning hall programs.

Honors House

The Honors House LLC is for first year students accepted into SUNY Brockport’s Honors College. The Honors House LLC will help develop social and academic relationships between students in The Honors College. It will maintain an environment conducive to academic focus and help students prepare for presenting at The University’s Annual Scholars Day. This LLC will work closely with The Honors College administrators. This LLC will also give students the opportunity to participate in field trips off campus to provide students with a balance of academics and social experiences.

Academic Exploration

The Academic Exploration LLC is designed for students that are still deciding on their major. This LLC will provide students that are “Undeclared” many opportunities to explore what they are interested in pursuing while at Brockport and their long term career aspirations. Students in this LLC will become connected with Career Services and Academic Advisement. Students in this LLC will be encouraged to find personal connections with the University community and start to identify and pursue their academic and co-curricular interests.

Nursing Intent

The Nursing Intent Living Learning Community (LLC) is a first year student LLC. It is the home of students who are declared Nursing Intent and plan to enter the nursing field. In this community, students will participate in current Nursing Student and Nursing Program Alumni Panels. Programs for this LLC will be focused on preparing students to apply for the Nursing Program and exploring the helping professions. Students in this LLC will also engage in community service within the Brockport and surrounding communities.

Math & Sciences

The Math & Sciences LLC is for first year students who are interested in or majoring in Mathematics or a Science. In a residence hall atmosphere that is focused on achievement and success, you will have frequent interactions with faculty and staff. 

Law & Civility

The Law & Civility LLC is for first year students who are interested in law, civility, criminal justice, careers in law enforcement and/or interested in pursuing law school. The community will focus on exploring careers in these fields, identifying internships and visiting local resources connected to these subjects.

Perspectives on Humanity

The Perspectives on Humanity LLC is for first year students who have an interest in social sciences. This community will explore careers associated with these majors, as well as contribute to the development of critical thinking skills. Exploring others’ perspectives, including practicing controversy with civility, will be part of this vibrant community.