All students begin the Leadership Development Program in the Green Leadership Certificate, where they explore their own individual values and characteristics as a leader.

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As a result of this program, you will be able to:

  • Reconstruct your view of leadership from a position to a process involving community contribution (Changing View of Leadership)
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate action in your community (Consciousness of Self)
  • Describe how your community participation is congruent with your beliefs and values (Congruence)
  • Produce a confidence in your ability to enact meaningful change within the community (Self-Efficacy)
  • Analyze how your personal passions and motivations contribute to achieving common goals within a diverse community (Commitment)

Overview of the Green Leadership Certificate:

  • Attend Leadership Program Kick-Off Event
  • Attend five leadership workshops, one in each category:
    • Changing View of Leadership
    • Consciousness of Self
    • Congruence
    • Self-Efficacy
    • Commitment
  • Meet monthly with your leadership mentor
  • Complete six journal responses and discuss with your mentor
  • Participate in at least one community service event
  • Attend the Annual Student Leadership Conference
  • Attend the Tunnel of Oppression
  • Participate in at least one Table Talk session

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