All registered students, regardless of number of credits taken, born during or after 1957 must provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella or vaccination of 2 Measles, 1 Mumps, 1 Rubella.


Provide proof of vaccine given in last five years OR decline the vaccine through the patient portal.


Consent for Minors

All students under 18 at the start of classes will need a parental or guardian consent for treatment on file in the event you need health care.

NCAA Student-Athlete Information

For information on participating in an NCAA Sport, please visit the Athletic Department’s NCAA Compliance webpage

Health Care Proxy

The Health Care Proxy allows you to name someone to make decisions about your medical care—including decisions about life support—if you can no longer speak for yourself. This form is encouraged but not required.

Living Will

Living Will is a legal document that protects your right to refuse medical treatment you do not want or to request medical treatment you do want, in the event you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself. This form is encouraged but not required.