For Parents

SUNY Brockport has recognized social fraternities and sororities affiliated with our campus. Membership can provide your son or daughter with a positive, enriching experience along with a myriad of leadership and service opportunities.

To guide fraternities and sororities on our campus in a positive direction, Brockport has instituted a number of specific policies and procedures. Such policies include “deferred recruitment,” which means that freshmen are not allowed to join a fraternity or sorority until hey have earned 12 Brockport matriculated credits and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50. This allows students to focus on making the academic transition before becoming heavily involved in an organization requiring a serious time commitment.

Our new member policy institutes a six to eight week maximum new member (pledge) education program, during which fraternities and sororities host activities and events to educate new members about their organization.

Students who choose to become members of recognized Greek-letter organizations benefit from:

  • Strong support network for chapters from the University and their national/international affiliation.
  • Membership in the Greek community.
  • Positive leadership opportunities.
  • Scholarship and participation in the Order of Omega Honor Society.
  • Opportunities for involvement in philanthropic and service events.

It is our hope that, if your son/daughter meets the eligibility requirements for fraternity or sorority membership, he/she thoroughly investigates the group with which he/she wants to affiliate. As a life-long member of one of our chapters, students are offered a variety of opportunities to grow as a leader, contribute to the campus and larger community, and network with the local and national alumni members of the Greek organizations.

For questions about recognized organizations, please contact the Student Union & Activities at (585) 395-5646 or email us.