Partnering with parents to observe National Hazing Prevention Week

This year (September 24-28, 2018) is National Hazing Prevention Week, and we wanted to send along some useful information to educate our campus community. Your student may be confronted with the choice of participating in Greek letter social organizations. We want your family to have as much information as possible for making that choice. Thousands of alumni around the country have had positive experiences with fraternities and sororities, but there are also risks that we want you to know about. If you want information about the benefits of membership in a Greek letter social organization, please call the Assistant Director for Student Union and Activities, Ryan Giglia, at (585) 395-2243 or go online to our website.


Recognized sororities and fraternities at SUNY Brockport are not allowed to rush, pledge, or initiate freshmen during the student’s first semester on campus. The reason for this rule is that students who are pledging are at risk for performing poorly in their classes. We want students to have at least one semester in which to adjust to the academic demands of college before becoming involved in fraternities and sororities, so we require the Greek organizations to defer rush until students’ second semester.


As on other SUNY campuses, there are groups in Brockport that use Greek letters and are not recognized by the College. That means that these organizations have no affiliation with, or supervision by, the College; do not follow the rules that are set for Greek social organizations (including the deferred rush policy); and do not give the College the names of their members. They are loosely organized social groups that often use the Greek letters of legitimate organizations. Their use of these names is illegal because they are not formally affiliated with the national organizations. A student who joins an unrecognized group and pays dues to that group will not be a recognized member on any other campus nor have any of the alumni privileges that go with national membership.

Some of these groups were at one time recognized by the College and were affiliated with national organizations but no longer have this privilege. There are College at Brockport alumni who were members of these groups when they were recognized and are not aware that the status has changed. Members of unrecognized groups sometimes deceive students about the group’s status. An example is saying that the group’s recognition is suspended but that they will regain their recognition later in the year.

In an effort to educate our students about hazing prevention, we want to advise you that students who rush unrecognized groups do so at their own risk of academic failure or difficulty, potential physical and emotional hazing, and being associated with activity that is illegal or violates the Code of Student Conduct that can result in college sanctions.


Currently there are three recognized fraternities and four recognized sororities. These organizations are governed by the Relationship Statement Between the State University of New York College at Brockport And Its Affiliated Fraternities and Sororities and are overseen by Mr. Giglia. These groups do not have houses off campus or any residence hall space assigned to them, but they are allowed to use campus facilities for their activities. If members of these recognized groups choose to conduct their activities off campus, they do so at their own risk and without supervision. All of these recognized groups are affiliated with national Greek organizations. If at any time you have questions about the recognition status of an organization, please contact Mr. Giglia or look at our website.

The recognized fraternities are Pi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma Upsilon and Alpha Phi Alpha.

The recognized sororities are Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Sigma Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta.


  1. If your student is involved in rushing or pledging during their first freshman semester, it means they are involved with an unrecognized group or with a recognized group that is breaking the rules. Talk about it with your student and find out as much as you can about their understanding of the situation.
    • If they’re pledging an unrecognized group, let them know that the College does not condone this choice and there are risks associated with it.
    • If they’re pledging a recognized group during their first semester, remind them that an important policy is being broken and encourage them to report this to Mr. Giglia at
    • Contact Mr. Giglia directly to inform him about rule infractions by recognized groups.
  2. Hazing is a risk with any group, recognized or unrecognized. We are very concerned about hazing and ask that you read the enclosed information about it. It is the symptoms of hazing that are often the first signs to parents that their student is pledging.
  3. If your student’s midterm grades or semester grades are lower than you expect, they may not have found a good balance between academic and non-academic activities or they may be struggling with adjustment issues.
    • Let your student know about your expectations regarding their grades.
    • Remind them of the many resources that are available on campus to support their academic and personal adjustment, including: Student Union and Activities, residence hall staff, the Student Learning Center, the Office of Student Retention, etc.

We all share the goal of academic and personal success for our students and we strive to provide the highest quality campus environment that is conducive to that success. We are committed to maintaining a strong Greek life program with high standards for academic success, leadership development, responsible social activities, philanthropy, and service. Please join with us in ensuring that your student makes informed choices about these issues.

Please call upon us if you have questions about Greek life or other student issues. The staff in Student Union and Activities can be reached at (585) 395-5646 and are happy to discuss these issues with you. Please share this valuable information with your students.


Student Union and Activities