SUNY Brockport affirms that social fraternities and sororities can have a positive impact on the educational and social experience of their membership and the campus community.

As active partners in the process of developing student-learning communities, SUNY Brockport, through its Division of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, seeks to ensure that these organizations function in a manner appropriate to the University’s mission and congruent with established standards of individual and organizational conduct. This policy is designed to specifically articulate the expectations of fraternities, sororities, and the University once an organization has been granted recognition.

SUNY Brockport Fraternity and Sorority System has as its mission the success of students who choose to affiliate with fraternities and sororities, and promotes the entire system as an integral and productive part of the institution.

To accomplish this mission, the goals of the system include:

  • Promoting the intellectual, social, recreational, spiritual, moral, civic, and career development of members;
  • Providing training in leadership and other personal and social skills;
  • Promoting member involvement in co-curricular activities;
  • Promoting sponsorship of and participation in community service projects;
  • Providing training in group processes and promoting loyalty to the organization, the University, and the community;
  • Promoting positive educational outcomes;
  • Promoting an appreciation for different lifestyles and cultural heritages, and
  • Recognizing the positive cultural traditions in a diversity of fraternities and sororities.

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