Scope of Practice

Three essential roles for advancing the educational mission of SUNY Brockport:

  • Provide clinical services including comprehensive mental health assessments, individual and group therapy, and referrals to appropriate resources, to help students achieve their academic and personal goals.
  • Develop and implement programs to educate the campus community about the psychological and developmental needs of students through community-level interventions, outreach programming, and consultation.
  • Responding to the effects of crisis impacting individual students and the campus community.

The Counseling Center provides a goal focused therapy model to assist students who are experiencing mental health concerns and needs that are interfering with their ability to be successful in school and/or with their individual personal growth, functioning and adjustment. Many students are seen for anywhere between 1-6 sessions within an academic year, however, length of treatment is based on individual client’s needs.

The overall objective is to facilitate adaptation, adjustment, resilient functioning, and well-being in order to enable the student to continue enrollment in college to pursue academic, career, and personal growth with minimal disruption or delay.

If you regularly see a professional for counseling in your home community, our recommendation is that you continue services with that provider. Due to staffing limitations over the summer, we are not able to provide care 12 months a year except in certain circumstances. Weekly, intensive clinical services are better served by mental health clinics, and/or specialized community based resources. Should you desire such services, we are happy to help you get connected and provide auxiliary support.