Off-Campus Student Service Initiatives

At SUNY Brockport, providing support and services to our commuter/off-campus student population is a responsibility of Student Union & Activities. Through our off-campus student service initiatives we work to:

  • Offer programs, services, and solutions that help students remain connected to our community
  • Provide programs and services to educate students about their own tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Develop initiatives, programs, and committees that promote off-campus student safety, citizenship, and educational and community resources
  • Promote positive student interactions with the entire campus community

Ways to Stay Engaged

Getting involved in campus life can often be tough for a commuter. The best ways to stay engaged with the campus community for a commuter is to:

  • Join a student club or organization
  • Attend lectures and special programs
  • Participate in athletics or intramurals,
  • Work on campus

These are some of the ways commuters can enhance their out-of-classroom experience and improve their overall college commitment. The Seymour College Union is a great place to stay up to date with all the College has to offer.