Commuter Student Services

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student drinking coffee in a lounge

Commuter Student Resources

The basement of the Seymour College Union is home to commonly used facilities of our commuters, including a student lounge, computer lab, and lockers. There are many locations around campus a commuter can choose to make their “home away from home.”

students working at a desk

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center offers resources for students looking to improve their academic standing. The Academic Success Center helps our students achieve their academic goals through,

  • Tutoring
  • Workshops
  • Assistive Technology
decorated parking meter with a butterfly on it

Student Parking

The College offers parking permits specifically for commuter students. The orange (commuter) parking permit can be purchased from Parking and Transportation Services, granting access to more than a dozen different parking lots on campus.

hazen health center

Hazen Center for Integrated Care

The Hazen Center for Integrated Care provides a holistic approach to student health and wellness, and supports students’ mind, body, and spirit throughout their Brockport experience - including for our Commuter students.