Club Sports participants at Brockport are more likely to: experience a sense of belonging, develop leadership skills, have strong communication skills, effectively multi-task and develop meaningful friendships.

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SUNY Brockport club sports program is open to all Brockport students, regardless of previous experience or skill level! All clubs are student organized and operate under the guidance of Campus Recreation. Funding for the program is provided by the Brockport Student Government. Additional funding is provided by club members to assist with travel and other expenses.

To Submit a Participation Packet

  1. Go to our Join the Club page
  2. Log in using your Brockport NetID and password.
  3. Select the club you wish to join.
  4. Make sure to provide all information using the tabs at the top.
  5. Submit once completed and await your approval to participate in club sports!

Club Sports Information

Barbell Lacrosse (Men’s)
Baseball Lacrosse (Women’s)
Basketball (Women’s) Rugby (Men’s)
Cheerleading Rugby (Women’s)
Dance Soccer (Men’s)
Disc Golf Soccer (Women’s)
Equestrian Softball
Esports Tae Kwon Do
Gymnastics (Men’s) Tennis
Gymnastics (Women’s) Ultimate Frisbee
Ice Hockey (Men’s) Volleyball (Men’s)
Ice Hockey (Women’s) Volleyball (Women’s)

Gender Identity Policy

All eligible club sport participants may participate in accordance with their personal gender identity; however, each circumstance for club sport eligibility will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis according to the applicable National Governing Body’s policies and procedures as it relates to competition.

Club Sport Accessibility Form