Campus Living

Whether you are leaving home to live on campus, commuting to campus, or residing in the Village of Brockport, you’ll find Brockport to be a close-knit community of learning. We are your home away from home.


Residential Life

Our campus housing includes 13 residence halls, with suite, corridor and hotel-style options, as well as a townhome complex. You can choose a living learning community with other students who share your interests.

But, residential life is so much more than that. You have access to a variety of dining options, fitness facilities, sports and recreation, arts and performance, clubs and organizations, and our library – right on campus. If you want to get around the village you can also borrow a bike or take our shuttle service.

Living Off Campus

Some Brockport students commute to campus from around the Greater Rochester and Buffalo areas. Others (excluding freshmen students) may choose to live in off-campus housing. Regardless of where you live, amenities on our campus (including those mentioned above) are available to you.