Hosting an Accessible Event

Accessibility for events is the full responsibility of the event coordinator or host. This guide is meant to support the facilitation of inclusive events on our campus. SUNY Brockport recognizes and celebrates diversity and strives to include all individuals at events.


Disability-Awareness & Nondiscrimination

The person/department hosting the event should include an “accessible events statement” on all accessible publications or accessible invitations for the event (e.g. fliers, handouts, webpages). Use the following document accessibility webpage for steps to make your publications and invitations electronically accessible.


“SUNY Brockport is fully committed to providing accessible events to all. If you need a disability-related accommodation, please contact: (person/office running the event), at: (phone) or: (email). Requests should be made by (date usually at least one week in advance of the event for planning purposes).”

Collaboration & Accommodations

Once an attendee contacts the host for an accommodation, the host must utilize campus resources to provide accessibility or reasonable accommodations (e.g. call the Committee on Accessibility if a wheelchair is needed or request an Interpreter Request Form through Student Accessibility Services). Typically, many requests can be accommodated within the scope of available resources at the event.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) welcomes any and all questions regarding hosting an accessible event and will be available as a consultant for any student-related accommodation requests. Human Resources is available as a consultant for any employee-related accommodation requests.

*The host of the event is responsible for paying for the cost of the accessibility service(s) if any accessibility-related charges are incurred for this event (ex. pay for an interpreter services, etc.).

Helpful Resources

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