The screening room may be reserved by Brockport faculty, staff and students through EMS. Please note that use is limited to groups of three or more, unless pre-approved by library Circulation Department Staff.

What’s available

  • A 58″ HDTV
  • VCR and DVD combo player
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • A PC with internet access
  • A phone: (585) 395-5790
  • Comfortable chairs and a couch
  • A whiteboard on the wall.

Intended Uses

  • Viewing films and webinars
  • Conference calls
  • Note: Semester-long courses may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis.


Users of the Screening Room are asked to leave the facilities, furniture and equipment in the condition and configuration in which they were found. Users of the room will be responsible for the security of the materials and equipment during their use.
Instructions for all equipment will be provided. Contact the IT Helpdesk at x5151 if you would like a run-through of the equipment prior to use.
Access to the Screening Room

The door is locked at all times and the key is kept at the Circulation Desk. To use the room, stop at the Circulation Desk and a case with mouse, remote, and instructions will be checked out to you. If you have not reserved the room in advance, it may not be available. Students are limited to a single 4 hour block of time per day for the entire group; if staff finds that different group members are making back-to-back reservations, all members of the group may be barred from using the screening room for a length of time up to an entire semester.