Policies for Reserving Rooms in Drake Library

All Seminar and Computer Labs that may be reserved are listed in EMS. No room may be reserved for a time that the library is not open.

Kiefer Room (42) and Seminar Room (224) (Computer classrooms)

  • The Library computer classrooms are reserved exclusively for Library instruction during the first eight weeks of fall semester and the first four weeks of spring semester.
  • Library instruction requests have first priority for Library classrooms for the remainder of each semester; however other Brockport faculty, staff, or students may reserve them during times that no library instruction is scheduled.
  • Reservations for short-term use of the Library classrooms may be made within two weeks of the time/date requested, but not before.
  • No one may reserve a room for a time period that the library is not open. All rooms must be vacated by 10 minutes before closing; check the Drake calendar if you are unsure what time the library closes.
  • Semester-long courses will not be scheduled; departments may schedule room 224 as a regular classroom if absolutely no other computer labs are available.
  • The rooms will serve as open computer labs to students when no other events are scheduled.

Special Collections Room (214)

  • This room may be scheduled by College administrators, faculty, and staff only, for meetings and some special events. Students may not reserve this room
  • Library functions have priority.
  • AV equipment is available.
  • Completion of the request form does not ensure room availability or event approval.
  • Semester-long courses will not be scheduled; departments may not schedule this room as a regular classroom.
  • The Library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event due to Library need.

Webinar or Screening Room (215)

  • The screening room may be reserved by faculty and instructors, l ibrary staff, andgroups of students for specific course-related viewing, including:
    • Any campus instruction and research activities
    • Libraryinstructionalactivities
    • Facultyand/orstaffdevelopment(webinars,instructionalprogramming)
  • The Screening Room can be used ONLY for academic purposes. Use for recreational purposes violates copyright regulations regarding “public performance” of our library media.
  • Semester-long courses will not be scheduled; departments may not schedule this room as a regular classroom.

Users of the Screening Room are asked to leave the facilities, furniture and equipment in the condition and configuration in which they were found. Users of the room will be responsible for the security of the materials and equipment during their use.

Library Classrooms/Seminar Rooms (204, 225, 235, 244)

  • These four library classrooms may be reserved by Brockport faculty, staff or students through EMS.
  • Library functions and instruction classes have priority.
  • Semester-long courses may be scheduled periodically when other rooms on campus are unavailable or when the class could benefit by meeting in the library.
  • Classroom configurations may be arranged ahead of time or by the class using the space during their scheduled times.
  • Rooms 204, 225, and 235 have a large screen TV with a computer attached, suitable for showing or rehearsing presentations or online resources.

Updated 3/18