To add sitewide alerts:

  1. go to the “Brockport Web Team” group.
  2. select “Sitewide Alerts” from the “Blurbs” menu.
  3. click to add one.
  4. the form is intuitive, but note that the “Sitewide Alert Type” field determines the icon and background color for the alert on the site.
  5. save the alert.

Sitewide alerts can be removed in the usual way - checking the box and using the “With checked items…” popup and “Go” button to delete them.

To actually show on the webpages, an alert needs to be live and starred. Undoing one of these things will cause the alert to no longer show on the site while retaining it in the list for future use if desired.

Up to three alerts may be shown – if there are more than one, balloons can set the order of appearance in the usual way.

Once a change in order, star, hidden/live, etc. has been made and saved, it should be reflected on the site immediately, bypassing the usual 5-minute cache.