Be There

You can show one top featured event by tagging it “admin-brockport-edu-home-top” in Brockport Today. The next event tagged this way will display, followed by two upcoming events tagged “admin-brockport-edu-home”.

If you don’t have any top events tagged “admin-brockport-edu-home-top”, the homepage will instead show the next three events tagged “admin-brockport-edu-home”


What’s Happening

Add stories to this widget by tagging them in Brockport Today with “admin-brockport-edu-home”


Other links and callouts

In the Brockport Web Team group are three  blurb types:

  • Homepage Video Overlay (shows top 1)
  • Homepage CTA Buttons (shows all available)
  • Homepage Get To Know Us (shows top 3)

Note, the CTA Buttons and Get to Know Us use the blurb Title as the title of the object, but for the Homepage Overlay you’ll see there’s a distinct “Header” custom field to clarify where each bit of text will go.