Current Graduate Student Forms

Application for Graduation

To apply for graduation please follow the instructions provided by The Office of Registration and Records.

Clemency Policy Request

A matriculated graduate student may apply for Graduate Academic Clemency so that up to 9 credits of graduate coursework taken at SUNY Brockport remain on the student’s transcript but do not apply to the student’s cumulative graduate GPA.

Course Withdrawal Form

Graduate students wishing to withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period must complete and submit the Course Withdrawal form.

Current Student Withdrawal (Program Withdrawal)

Graduate students who wish to withdraw from their graduate program due to circumstances beyond their control must complete this form.

Extension of Time Limit for Degree Completion

Complete this form to request an extension to complete your degree program.

Request for Reinstatement

Graduate Students who have been de-matriculated due to noncompliance with the continuous enrollment or time to degree policy may be eligible for reinstatement with the support of the academic department and approval of the Center for Graduate Studies. Coursework previously completed will be accepted at the discretion of the academic department.

Request to Change Program

Matriculated graduate students who wish to change their graduate program to one outside of their current department must complete this form. Please be aware the submission of this form is not a guarantee that a program change will be approved, and additional requirements may apply.

Return to Good Academic Standing

This plan must be completed for a student that has been placed on academic probation.

Temporary Academic Leave

Complete this form to request a temporary academic leave.

Thesis Continuation Credit

Graduate students that have registered for the maximum number of thesis/project credits and have not completed the thesis/project must register for TCC credit.

Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses

Eligible undergraduate students may take up to twelve credits of graduate coursework at SUNY Brockport (no more than six credits in a single semester).

Visiting Graduate Student Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreement allows students to receive financial aid from SUNY Brockport for graduate courses taken at another school (host institution).