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    Liberal Studies Masters (MA) – Online

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    March 15 - Summer Admission
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Statement of Objectives:

A statement indicating why you are applying to the Liberal Studies program. This statement should include a discussion of your interest in the concept of graduate liberal studies, and what personal, professional, or educational experiences you may have had that are related to your decision to apply to this program. It may be no more than 600 words.

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Programmatic Focus:

  1. Our program consists of 10 graduate courses, which include four required Liberal Studies courses and six elective courses. The required block includes:
    1. one course from each of three disciplinary perspectives: the arts and humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences.
    2. the Project Portfolio, a synthesizing experience entailing both a reflective component and a knowledge application component based on the student’s individual Plan of Study.
  2. The six elective courses are selected through advisement once the student is recommended for admission but prior to matriculation. These electives must reflect the programmatic theme or focus that satisfies the degree candidate’s personal and/or professional goals. For example, you may wish your course work to center around women’s issues or issues of diversity, on environmental studies, increase your familiarity with English literature, expand your knowledge regarding international relations and politics, etc. You may also wish to increase your knowledge and skills in areas related to your professional work. This is a perfectly legitimate basis for your Liberal Studies program, and many of our graduates have benefited greatly in just this way. However, Liberal Studies is not a professional program per se, and candidates are limited to a maximum of six credits of course work specifically focused on professional application.
  3. With the above ideas in mind, in a single, 30 word or less, sentence articulate a proposed theme or focus for your graduate studies, and then elaborate on this theme in terms of the kinds of courses (you do not need to list specific course offerings) you would like to take towards your Liberal Studies program (the theme and course work you propose may be modified during the pre-matriculation advisement process).

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Letters of Reference:

Please submit three letters of reference. (Please note: We do not accept placement or credential files.)

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Please submit your most up to date resume.

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Questions / Need More Information:

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