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    Dr. Papia Bawa
    (585) 395-2616

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    Instructional Design (MS or Advanced Certificate)

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    July 15 - Fall Admission
    December 15 - Spring Admission
    April 15 - Summer Admission

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Statement of Objectives:

In a well-developed essay of 500 to 800 words, please submit a statement of your objectives for undertaking graduate study and of your plans for a professional or scholarly career. Comment on your past work and experiences as they relate to this field of study.

  1. Describe your personal and professional background. Instructional design is a field that brings together people from diverse backgrounds; we’d like to get to know you and your work better.
  2. Describe your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree in instructional design. What role does graduate study in this field play in your short or long-term plans?
  3. Describe why you believe that you are able to successfully complete graduate-level academic work. If you have less than a 3.0 GPA, you must thoroughly support essay explanations and claims of evidence.

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Letters of Reference:

Please submit one letter of reference. (Please note: We do not accept placement or credential files.)

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Please submit your most up to date resume.

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Questions / Need More Information:

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