What is a Matriculated Student?

  • A person that is seeking a graduate degree (master’s degree, post-master’s certificate of advance study, or advanced graduate certificate)
    • Has applied and been offered regular or conditional admission to a graduate program.
      • Regular Admission: Matriculation into a degree program without reservation.
      • Conditional Admission: Matriculation into a degree program on a conditional basis. Conditionally admitted applicants will be apprised in writing of the specific condition of admission.
    • Has submitted a reply form to accept offer along with $30 tuition deposit.
    • Are assigned a faculty advisor from the appropriate academic department to guide them and ensure they meet the program requirements. It is important to note that final responsibility for meeting all graduate requirements remains with the individual student.
    • Are responsible for adhering to current college, department specific and graduate policies.

Please note: Applications are processed by the Center for Graduate Studies on a continuing basis and are reviewed electronically by a departmental graduate admission committee. Applicants will receive an official letter of admission from the Center for Graduate Studies. Any other correspondence regarding admission from an academic department is not considered official.

How to Apply