Student Requirements:
COVID-19 Vaccine

All SUNY Brockport students must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (two doses of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of a Johnson & Johnson vaccine) or have an approved college official waiver.

To be considered fully vaccinated, individuals must satisfy all three of these requirements:
  • You must have received all required doses of a World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccines.
  • You must have submitted proof of vaccination to My Hazen, the student portal, under Covid Vaccine Records.

How to Submit Vaccinations

Once you have completed the entire COVID-19 vaccination series, you will need to submit proof to the health center. If you fail to submit your vaccine card information you will be considered unvaccinated and will be unenrolled from face-to-face classes.

STEPS TO submit proof of a COVID-19 vaccination:
  • Open the MyHazen Patient Portal
  • Sign in using your Net ID and password
  • Go to the “Immunizations” tab
  • Go to the “Upload” tab
  • From the drop down menu, select “COVID Vaccine Records” and “Select File”
  • Attach, then click “Upload”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the document

COVID-19 boosters

The COVID-19 booster is not currently required for students, but all students are strongly encouraged to receive the COVID-19 booster when eligible.

If you have questions, please email the Health Center.

Faculty & Staff

All Management/Confidential employees are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

We strongly encourage all faculty and staff to become vaccinated. Please contact with any questions.

Faculty & Staff are also strongly encouraged to receive the COVID-19 booster when eligible. Individuals who have received the COVID-19 booster are encouraged to share documentation with Human Resources by emailing

SUNY Vaccination Policy

This policy requires all students accessing SUNY Facilities in-person to receive a COVID-19 Vaccination, with limited exception.

For the purposes of this policy, “students” are defined as any individual matriculated or otherwise enrolled full-time or part-time at SUNY Facilities as well as visiting, auditing, exchange, continuing education, and international students taking in-person courses at SUNY. The definition of students does not include high school students enrolled in courses through a SUNY campus. Instead, students in concurrent enrollment programs must follow the health and safety guidelines and protocols of the physical location where they receive instruction. If the course is delivered at their high school, they must follow the local school district guidelines. If a student takes a course in a SUNY facility, they must follow the applicable SUNY Facility guidelines. If a high school student is not able to be Fully Vaccinated and is granted an Exemption as defined herein, they must abide by the applicable COVID-19 related health and safety restrictions for the SUNY Facility where they receive instruction (e.g., appropriate face coverings, social distancing, and surveillance testing).

This policy is subject to change based upon guidance from governmental authorities or if new federal and/or NYS COVID-19 related requirements are imposed.

Vaccination Requirements

All students attending a SUNY institution must either: (i) receive a COVID-19 Vaccination; or (ii) obtain an approved Exemption as further described below.

Students who plan to attend in-person classes and/or utilize in-person services or clinical rotations at a SUNY Facility shall provide evidence of receiving the full vaccination series (i.e., both doses of a two-dose series) of any COVID-19 Vaccination or apply for an Exemption pursuant to this policy. Proof of COVID-19 antibodies through test results cannot be used as an alternative to receipt of a COVID-19 Vaccination.

International students who obtained a COVID-19 Vaccination may provide documentation signed by a healthcare provider duly licensed to practice medicine in the United States or a foreign country, and such documentation must include the dates of vaccination and name of the COVID-19 Vaccination given. International students who have received COVID-19 vaccines not licensed or under an EUA by the FDA in the United States, or not authorized for emergency use by the World Health Organization (“WHO”) (e.g., AstraZeneca/Oxford) may apply for a medical accommodation, as discussed below, which will be addressed in accordance with NYS guidance by each campus on a case-by-case basis. In general, campuses will designate these students as partially vaccinated and they will therefore be subject to the conditions of the medical accommodation until further notice.

International students and COVID-19 unvaccinated students who are traveling abroad and arrive in the United States to enter SUNY Facilities may be subject to additional quarantine restrictions as determined by the SUNY Facility.

Any such student must also abide by all COVID-19 related health and safety restrictions for all applicable SUNY Facilities (e.g., face coverings, social distancing, and weekly testing) until Fully Vaccinated.


Allowable Exemption Categories:

Online or Fully Remote Exemption

Students whose course of study is fully remote may be exempted from this vaccine requirement. For this exemption to apply, the student must have no physical presence on campus nor reasonably anticipate using on-campus services for the entirety of the academic term. Such student must submit an attestation to the campus that states they understand they will not be allowed to use any SUNY Facility unless they submit proof of vaccination as indicated above or are granted an Exemption.

Medical Accommodation

Students who are not yet Fully Vaccinated and international students who received a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized or approved by the FDA or the WHO may apply for a temporary medical accommodation to allow them time to become Fully Vaccinated. Any such requests will be reviewed and granted on a case-by- case basis by the campus. All students granted a medical accommodation under this section will be required to be tested weekly for COVID-19 and wear face coverings while indoors and while outdoors and unable to social distance.

Medical Exemption

Students may be exempt from this vaccine requirement if a duly licensed health care provider certifies in writing that the COVID-19 Vaccination may be detrimental to the student’s health. The campus shall provide reasonable accommodations to those students whose medical condition(s) contraindicates COVID-19 Vaccination so long as the failure to be vaccinated does not prevent the student from otherwise fulfilling the programmatic or curricular requirements of their academic program.

  • Any such requests will be reviewed and granted on a case-by-case basis by the campus.
  • All students granted a medical exemption will be required to be tested weekly for COVID-19 and wear face coverings while indoors and while outdoors and unable to social distance.

Religious Exemption

Students who hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to COVID-19 Vaccination may be exempt after submitting a written statement to that effect. Such statement should explain how receiving the COVID-19 Vaccination conflicts with the student’s sincere religious belief or practice and how not receiving the COVID-19 Vaccination will not otherwise prevent the student’s completion of their programmatic or curricular requirements of the academic program. General philosophical or moral objections to such vaccine shall not suffice as the basis for a religious exemption. Students granted a religious exemption will be required to be tested weekly for COVID-19 and wear face coverings while indoors and while outdoors and unable to social distance.

Grace Period

Students who plan to enroll in face-to-face classes must submit proof they have completed a full vaccine series (meaning that the student has received at least one dose of a single dose vaccine series or at least a second dose of a two-dose series). Students will have a short grace period, upon expiration of this grace period, any student who has not shown that they have completed a full vaccine series or been granted an exemption will be unenrolled and will no longer have access to any in-person campus activities or services.

No remote learning options are available for students who do not want to receive a COVID-19 vaccine outside of any courses already offered remotely. Students may not request a change in course modality to avoid receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, and faculty may not accommodate such requests received. In addition, students should be aware that the SUNY tuition and fee refund policy remains in effect for any student who refuses to receive a vaccine and is not approved for an exemption.

Students who fail to meet the SUNY vaccination requirement or have not been approved for an exemption will not be allowed on any SUNY Brockport campus or building for any reason and will be deregistered from classes.

Additional Considerations for Students with Exemptions

All students with Exemptions will also be required to adhere to the health and safety protocols implemented by the campus, which may include social distancing, mask-wearing, and additional surveillance testing, among others. Exceptions to the mask-wearing requirement include when students are (1) in their private residential or personal space or (2) eating meals on-campus while seated and social distancing is appropriately enforced. Campuses may impose additional restrictions as needed. Students with approved Exemptions may be excluded from all in-person classes and activities at the campus’ discretion should a COVID-19 outbreak occur at the campus.