A Note From BSG

This is not a fully comprehensive list. It is intended to give you a better understanding of how you can get involved in LGBTQIA+ issues in America. We will be updating this site regularly, but it can never be comprehensive. That is why we need your help. If you have any suggestions for content to add or change on our Student Support pages, please send them to bsgadvcy@brockport.edu.


A good place to start is Brockport EDI’s resources pages which include information for ally students.

Find the locations of all-gender restrooms on campus.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion on campus.

UC Davis provides a similar list compiled from other sources. These lists show the importance of individuals, and taking time to learn and be vulnerable. There is no one way to solve LGTBQIA+ issues, we all must do our part daily.

The Safe Zone Project is also a great resource list which highlights a variety of sources to learn more about this topic.

Another great resource list to check out is GLAAD.

Bias Reporting and Self-Advocacy

Bias Report

Brockport’s Bias Reporting form as well as other reporting methods can be found here: Bias Reporting.

However, simply reporting incidents will not address systemic issues. At BSG we are here to help students. If you are ever experiencing an issue, the reporting page as well as the Student Government are good resources to use. Contact bsgadvcy@brockport.edu with any concerns or possible ways in which we can better serve you in regards to this, or any, issue.


PFLAG in an organization that focuses on LGBTQIA+ allyship. They have resources that focus on different aspects of allyship based on your identities or engagement with the issue.

One of the best things you can do to understand LGBTQIA+ issues, and to facilitate conversations around this, is by taking a Safe Zone training.

This guide from Straight for Equality is a thorough discussion of how to be a straight ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.


Organizations to Donate to