Brockport Student Government offers many resources to our students

Campus Department Collaboration Request


Drake Memorial Library

Housing List

This list consist of many houses and apartment complexes in the Brockport area, to make it easier for students to find a place to live that fits their needs.

Marketing Request

Our very talented communication’s staff would gladly create a flyer, poster, T-Shirt design or anything else you may need, for your event. Just please fill out a Marketing Request form on MyBrockport.

*These need to be submitted at least 3 weeks before your event. You need to sign in with your NET ID to access the forms.

Flyer Printing

If you need a flyer design created, please see the resource listed above. If you already have your flyer created, submit a printing request on Brockport Student Government’s myBrockport.The flyers will be printed out, and in the BSG Main Office for pick up.

*You need to sign in with your NET ID to be able to access the forms.

2’x3’ Poster Printing

If you need a poster printed for a class, presentation, or something similar, please email the file you need printed to These posters can be picked up in the BSG Main Office. Bring your payment with you at pickup.

*See pricing at the bottom of the page

Preferred name on Eagle One ID Card

If you do not identify with your legal name, you have the ability to fill out the paperwork found here and get your name changed on your Eagle One ID card. More information regarding the process can be found here.

15 Minute Consultation with BSG’s Lawyer

Any student has the ability to set up a meeting with our lawyer, for any guidance they may need to navigate through legal issues. Please contact the President of Brockport Student Government with your name, email and phone number for more information.

Travel Grants

Award up to $400 to reimburse eligible expenses associated with travel to attend a conference. Full- and part-time students are encouraged to apply; open to both undergraduates and graduate students.

Safe Ride (585) 395-7233

This is a car service offered to students, where they can call and get picked up wherever they may be on campus and dropped off where needed, on campus. This service is especially useful if you are far from where you need to go, the weather is not great, or you feel unsafe walking by yourself at night.

Incoming Student Scholarship

This scholarship supports an entering freshman or transfer student who has demonstrated leadership ability through service to their school, to their fellow students, and to their community, while showing promise of leadership roles in Brockport student activities through a 100- to 250-word paragraph on “What I Gain from Participating in Extracurricular and Service Activities.” Applicant must have at least two semesters of study at Brockport remaining.

Collaboration Request

Want to collaborate on an event? Collaboration requests are reviewed by BSG’s Collaboration Committee once per week. We will follow up with you after our review with our decision or if any additional information is requested by the committee.

**Please note that requests submitted with less than two weeks notice likely will not be reviewed or are unlikely to be approved. You need to sign in with your NET ID to access the forms.

Office Services

Service Price
Fax Free
Scanning to Brockport Email Free

Free for students to an extent.

*25+ pages = $0.05 per page for B&W copies

*25+ pages = $0.25 pet page for colored copies




$0.25 per sheet

*1st 10 pages free for students

2’x3’ Posters

$10 for students, $15 for faculty, staff, etc.
*as poster size increases, the price increases

*email poster to