The Brockport Alumni Association (BAA) owns the Alumni House, the University’s oldest building, located on the front lawn of Hartwell Hall at 142 Utica Street.

A Victorian home, it was built in 1872 by Edward Harrison. A daughter, Margaret C. Harrison, deeded the house and lot to the state in 1898.

Because the Harrison house stood at the entrance to the State Normal and Training School, it was ideal as the residence of the School’s principals. Principal David Eugene Smith moved into the house in1898 and was followed by Principals McFarlane (1901 – 1910), Thompson (1910 – 1936) and Hartwell (1936 – 1944). The house was last occupied by President Donald Tower (1944 – 1964). For 10 years, the house was used for the Department of English offices. In 1974, the Alumni Association was given use of the house; it has since been know as the Alumni House.

Reminisces of Alumni House
~taken from AlumNews, 1985

Mrs. Clyde Walters, class of 1918, recalled her friendship with Principal Thompson’s daughter, Miriam, and attending Miriam’s wedding, which was held in the house.

Mrs. Fletcher Garlock, granddaughter of Thompson, mentioned that she was born in the house and remembered roller skating in the kitchen!

Both Wilbur McCormick ’37 and Bruce Schlageter ’47 recalled as undergraduates visiting with Dr. Hartwell in the house to chat about school affairs.

The Alumni House has been used in several capacities since 1974, when the Alumni Association was granted use of the house, including office space for the Offices of Alumni Relations and Development. In 1984, the Alumni Association received title to the house and lot. (The law conveying title signed by then New York State Governor Mario Cuomo is on display in the Mattera Room.) A major fund drive was started soon after to restore and support the building. Restoration and furnishing of Alumni House continues today.

Presently, Alumni House is used for Brockport Alumni Association committee meetings; special events, such as alumni reunions and Homecoming Weekend; college meetings and functions; and events and parties by groups not affiliated with the Brockport Alumni Association or the College.